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Should we get another dog

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PuddinAforeDinner Mon 24-Oct-11 11:55:14

I am after a bit of advice from you wonderful people.

After recently going away and leaving our dog with relatives (who have an older dog) we are finding that our dog has become sad/depressed at being alone.

Before going away he had an upset stomach and went off his food. Whilst away we have been told that he ate everything in sight, so long as he ate at the same time as the other dog. Now that we are back home his eating habbits have changed and he will only eat little bits.

We have a secure outside kennel with large run attached so he has plenty of space which is where he stays while we are out.

As we were leaving to go out today (only for a short period) the dog went upstairs and lay on the bed, refusing to come down, even when biscuit box was shaken.

So, do you think getting another dog as a companion would help?

Oops sorry for the long post blush

Scuttlebutter Mon 24-Oct-11 12:28:50

Some dogs are really sociable and really enjoy living with other dogs. Personally, I prefer it to seeing dogs living alone, though I realise there are many singleton dogs who are very happy and well treated.

It sounds like your dog is very sociable and misses other dogs being around. There's several options you can think about, without actually going as far as getting a second dog. Do you have any doggy friends that you can do regular joint walks/playdates with? Do you take your dog to any classes? Most dogs can get a lot from something like a Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen Class and it's a great opportunity for doggy socialising. With other dog owners, can you take part in the equivalent of a doggy "babysitting circle" when people need a night off or weekend away? Can you go along to events such as charity dog shows/sponsored dog walks etc with your dog? Many rescues/dog charities/breed clubs offer a full range of events like this which are great fun and very sociable occasions for both dogs and owners.

Have you considered fostering a dog for a charity or rescue? A foster would live with you while a forever home was found, and the charity would pay for food and vets bills. Fostering can be both long and short term, and is a lovely way to help, and to expose your dog to lots of other dogs, have company etc. while you don't have the commitment of a long term relationship.

Finally, you may decide that you do want a second dog. If so, think carefully about the financial commitment especially insurance, extra feeding, extra kennelling costs at holiday time and so on. I don't think it's a big leap in terms of extra work since you are generally doing the walks, cleaning etc anyway but it does make a big difference financially. We found the transition from two to three much more of an impact but that's for another day grin.

Good luck! smile

PuddinAforeDinner Mon 24-Oct-11 12:37:37

Thank you so much for answering.

Our dog does stay with this older dog two/three times a week whilst we are at work.

I had already considered the fostering thing but DH is against this as he knows we would just fall in love with them and end up with a house full of dogs anyway grin.

I am leaning more towards a second dog as you have pretty much said what I was thinking in that he is a very social dog.

KatharineClifton Mon 24-Oct-11 22:59:24

Scuttlebutter - why do you prefer dogs living alone?

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