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Collect our new puppy Monday, questions about socialising and wee!

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BrightShinySun Fri 21-Oct-11 15:28:59

We collect our 8week old sbt puppy on Monday. It's our first family dog (both me and DH grew up with around dogs) so I've done lots lots of reading about all the dos and don'ts.

One questions I've got though, everyone says it is great to get puppy out and socialise right from the word go, carry her around, let her meet people, obviously without putting her on the floor. So....what about when she wants a wee?? What about if I take her to school to pick up DD, or to town, or to the pet shop, etc. Or if we go to visit friends/family whos house's have no dogs but I can't guarentee what's been in the garden (i.e probably no dogs but I'm not as sure as at home?)
Where will she wee?! Do I just let her pee on I put newspaper in the back of the car? Will it confuse her if I'm encouraging her to go outside at home?

Sorry, it may be obvious but everywhere I read seems to focus on early socialising but no one mentions the wee!!! grin

Naughtynina Fri 21-Oct-11 16:10:27

Hiya don't worry too much, it'll be fine, I took my puppy up to school too. Just try and time it so they have a wee before you go. I still took mine though even if she didn't go, I suppose I felt I could relax a bit more if she'd 'been'. The only time she weed on me was after we'd been waiting over an hour at the vets for jabs....didn't blame her though, nearly wet myself too lol.

Oh, the kids at the school will love her and she'll remember each and every one that strokes her!

What name have you chosen?

Naughtynina Fri 21-Oct-11 16:12:52

Oh forgot in the car I had a harness on (the dig not me!) and then tied the lead round the seat rest so she couldn't move about or strangle herself. She was sat on a towel. Mind, she did eat it but hey ho.

izzybiz Fri 21-Oct-11 16:16:59

Ahh, how lovely, we have a SBT we got her at 10 weeks.

With wees we just took her outside in the garden alot! Every wee or poo in the right place got crazy praise and treats, every one done indoors was quietly cleaned away and not a word said, she soon realised the best place to go!

Socialising is really important, as far as I know other dogs that are up to date with innoculations should be fine, puppy classes are fantastic too.

SBTs can be a little funny with other animals if not socialised properly so is very important.
Mine loves other dogs, children, all people and lives happily with our cat (cat licks her ears in the evenings!)

Fantstic dogs, enjoy!

BrightShinySun Fri 21-Oct-11 17:05:27

Thanks for the replies! Towel in the car....good idea! I'm, sure it will ok once she gets here...just one of those random things to wonder about before she arrives! It feels very much like waiting for DD1....everything's ready, I know all the theory, just itching for her to arrive and put it into practice!

I've read about SBT's being a bit funny with other animals, luckily we live with horses, chickens, cat, rabbit, budgie, other dog (funny old set up, live with/next to parents!) so we're hoping as long as we get out and meet lots of other dogs/people all over the place we should manage to cover all bases!! smile

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