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Love the dog but we're always at the vets!

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dontforget2scream Thu 20-Oct-11 11:39:05

Just feeling a bit fed up really. Our 9 month dog is wonderful in lots of ways but, in the seven months we've had her, she has been in and out of the vets with the following..

an infestation of "walking dandruff" that took forever to shift;
an eye injury;
2 ear infections;
being spayed;
a post-op wound infection;
an infestation of harvest mites that was initially mistreated as a bacterial skin infection;

and now - to top it all - it looks pretty certain she has damaged a cruciate ligament in one of her hind legs. X-rays to be taken next week.

Arrrrggghhh, she is costing us a small fortune and I'm feeling so glum at the thought of no proper walks for her and I for ages (and I was just starting to lose some weight!)

She is going to go mad on only 5 minutes walk three times a day.

KatharineClifton Thu 20-Oct-11 12:39:30

Bit like a small child really then - always in and out of a&e when mine were small.

Do you have faith in this vet after the mis-diagonosis and the post-op infection?

dontforget2scream Thu 20-Oct-11 13:55:45

Good question...I think they are really lovely but quite inexperienced and their charges are definitely at the top end of the spectrum

To be honest I'd much rather go elsewhere, but the practice is very near our home. As I don't drive (yet), often need to take DD with me, and end up there an awful lot, I feel that I don't have much option but to stick with them.

The only up side to all of this is that the dog adores going there. She has been so well socialised with the place that she pulls to go in there whenever we pass it.

KatharineClifton Thu 20-Oct-11 14:49:46

That is certainly a silver lining smile

tabulahrasa Sat 22-Oct-11 00:12:43

I think some dogs are just like that, lol, I had one that just had an endless round of unrelated minor injuries and ailments.

Stomach upsets from finding food outside, cut paws, an ear infection, mites, a beesting allergy (why you'd eat a bee in the first place I'll never know)

the worst one was actually a warty thing on the end of his nose that I thought I had better get checked out, the vet was in the middle of examining it when the dog got overexcited, tried to give her a paw and burst it - it was only on an artery hmm they had to knock him out and cauterize it to stop him bleeding to death, lol - if he'd done that anywhere else he would have died before I got him down there. <was literally covered in blood>

he was a cracker of a dog though, just such a big personality - well worth the vets bills smile

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