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Advice needed on care of dog

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doggydilema Thu 20-Oct-11 08:01:32

I have a dog of my own but feel for this dog

Near where I live there is a dog that is put outside tethered to a fence in the garden anywhere from 5:15am - 10pm the poor thing, as far as I can tell it has drinking water and does get fed tea. It has no form of shelter to access and now its getting colder it just looks so sad all curled up on the drive.

Also if it rains its usualy left outside.

If I reported it to someone (Who ???) would anything be done ?

DogsBeastFiend Thu 20-Oct-11 12:59:29

You have a few choices.

1. Call out the RSPCA - and keep calling EVERY day until they do something, furnishing your friends, neighbours and relatives with every minute detail , including address and postcode as the RSPCA won't act without it, and get them to call daily too. It may work. It may well not. The RSPCA are the organisation who deemed this awful abuse of an unsheltered dog acceptable.

Tell the RSPCA the dog has no access to water - that's about the only way you MAY get them to even come out.

2. If they fail to act contact the GSD rescue's owner, Jane Shenstone via that link. After all her fights with the RSPCA on this and other issues she has doubtless got the email addresses and phone numbers of the head honchos and will I suspect happily help out.

3. Call the environmental health department of your council and complain of noise nuisance, saying that the dog is barking for hours day and night and ask them to contact the owner and take action. This MAY incite the owner to bring the dog indoors. Likewise tip the dog warden off of the welfare issue - he won't be able to do anything but it's worth him knowing and you getting to h=know HIM and he may have some "previous" on the owner.

4. Untie the poor bloody dog, take him home and then get him straight out of the area and either into safe "foster home" hands whilst waiting for him to go into rescue or get him straight into a pre-arranged no kill rescue place.

I know which one I'd do.


DBF - rescuer and dog fosterer.

doggydilema Thu 20-Oct-11 13:07:24

Thanks DBF tbh thats what I thought you would suggest the dog does actually bark at everyone who dares to walk past and escapes regulary too but always comes back.

I had heard about the "shelter" issue before hence unsure about reporting to RSPCA, the dog btw sleeps in their garage at night - that will be lovely come proper winter sad

DogsBeastFiend Thu 20-Oct-11 13:18:02

If he escapes there's the perfect excuse! Should someone remove him to a better life the owner will just think that he's legged it again!

And, should he escape in the near future and you can catch him, although it would be legally appropriate to return him, it certainly wouldn't be morally so.

doggydilema, I'm telling you what I would do, not what you must do, only you can make that decision.

If at any time a rescue place is needed for a dog I'm here to help, that's what I do.

doggydilema Thu 20-Oct-11 13:20:13

Thanksfor all the advice DBF you'e been very helpful, what I didn't say in my OP is its across the street from me so I am in a hard situation sad am gonna think about what to do next

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