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Can't believe I'm starting another poo thread....

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HauntForTheBeast Fri 14-Oct-11 14:33:27

but needs must grin

After much deliberation, I took ddog off Royale Canin and she now gets about 70% Orijen and 30% Other Food, which is made up of fish, meat (occasionally raw), fruit/veg, egg etc.

She is doing well on it, eats everything, appears to enjoy everything, no problems with tummy or smelly breath or anything else.

Except poo.

Poos are now much firmer than before (which makes them easier to pick up), but I don't think too firm ie she's not constipated.
However, instead of the prevoius 2 poos a day, she is now doing at least double that if not more.
Mornings I always let her out into the garden for a quick wee, then I take ds to Kindi, then ddog and I go for our proper long walk. She never used to poo in the garden in the mornings, but now she does PLUS she's pooing again half an hour later on the proper walk.

Is this to be expected? Is it because of the food change? Duh, well obviously it is, but I mean will it stay like that? Isn't that an awful lot of pooing??

Thoughts and advice welcome.

And again, sorry about yet another poo thread. I am not obssessed, really grin

toboldlygo Fri 14-Oct-11 18:14:02

Mine are on a raw diet and if I've fed too much bone and think that they're going to be too firm I feed them cooked meat or cooked veg to make them go more, that might be what's causing it. If you want to add extras try raw whole fish or chicken wings, things with a high bone content, see if that helps. smile

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