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Broody Lab?

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needshoes Mon 10-Oct-11 00:01:51

A bit of a stupid question here really?.................... My 13month old choc Lab bitch has a selection of stuffed toys, usually ones which she has picked up from the kids and decided would now be hers!

She has a particular favourite which is white longhaired cat toy which she carries around and ive caught her sleeping with it a few times. she takes it in the garden and is happy to leave it there but now its raining she keeps wanting to go outside and get the cat in. shes now licking it clean like a mum would do to pups.

shes getting 'done' on thursday and ive taken 10 days of work to make sure she is ok.
now im really worried that these are mothering instincts that have just developed and shes yearning to have a litter.

now, her having pups was something we claried that we werent interested in, although the thought was sweet, the practicalities of it, we werent prepared to let her go through that for financial gain to ourselves and adding more puppies into the already full dog world sad
But now im worried that im going to emotionally hinder her by not letting her be a mum?

Sorry, Im a new dog owner and i simply want to do the right thing by her.

Crosshair Mon 10-Oct-11 09:50:17

My dog does that with his chicken. confused

DooinMeCleanin Mon 10-Oct-11 10:05:08

My old Akita used to do that with an actual cat. I don't think he was emotionally hindered by his inability to become a mother grin

He just loved the cat. None of my dogs have ever had puppies and we've have a lot of bitches. Your doing the right thing, getting her speyed.

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