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Scabby dog!

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kid Fri 07-Oct-11 23:58:44

I noticed my 16month old springer had some sort of lump on the back of his neck. upon closer inspection I realised it was a scab. I bathed him and gently worked the scab loose. No hair came out but the skin underneath scab looked a bit sore. I checked his collar and noticed a sharp part so I've only been putting the collar on to walk him.

I've nit noticed he has about 4 more lumpy scabs. They seem to appear behind his ears and under his front armpits.
One of his eyes is also a bit weepy and he usually gets mucky eyes a couple of times a week.

I plan to call the vets on mondayas I do think he needs to be seen. I'm also wondering if should get his hair cut (his fur is very long and bushy). Do you think that would make a difference?

He is fed royal canine at the moment but I'm on my last bag so will be replacing that soon. I might try the sensitive one or maybe use a completely different food altogether.

He is my precious little hairy baby so if you can offer any advice, please do smile

FroOOOOOtshoOOOOOOts Sat 08-Oct-11 00:06:13

does he get knots behind his ears and front legs? maybe his fur just needs clipping back a bit in these areas to let more air get to them. My Springer gets clumps behind his ears through stupidly going through whatever is in front of him. i do thin out his feathers on his legs and his ears sometimes. He also gets 'bogey' eyes as i call them but there's never any sign of an infection. Maybe it's a Springer thing.
Mine is on some cheap bargain food atm half the price of his usual Arden Grange but his poo is rather orange. Sorry TMI grin

Hopefully the vet will have some more useful advice!

toboldlygo Sat 08-Oct-11 00:11:02

Is he itchy? Could be food intolerance, mange, ringworm, flea allergy, environmental allergy. Sarcoptic mange typically affects elbows, armpits and ears first.

Royal Canin is a pretty poor food and very expensive for what it is, hardly any meat content and lots of fillers and potential allergens.

kid Sat 08-Oct-11 08:03:04

I think it is itchy as he dies scratch sometimes but not constantly. No idea if he has fleas, I assume not as I've never seen any when I bath him or brush him.

I put him on royal canine as it was recommended by a dog trainer that I know after she looked after him for 2 weeks.

I'm off to pah today, maybe I'll put him back on to wainwrights or something even though he got a bit fussy and wouldn't eat that. If it's healthier than royal canine, he'll just have to eat it!

I'm not sure whether to rush to the vets or change his food and see if there is any improvement.
I am going to pay to get him clipped but I don't know where to go. Plus, i'm worried about the cold weather, will it be ok to get his fur cut at this time of year?

Lizcat Sat 08-Oct-11 10:37:49

Okay Fleas, mites etc are way way more common than food allergies - 75% of the skin problems that walk through a vets door are fleas. So the first step is to get him checked by a vet, if you have a good quality flea product at home it would be worth putting that on over the weekend to help rule out fleas. Please do not bath the dog this removes all the 'evidence' that helps us vets get an idea of what is going on.

toboldlygo Sat 08-Oct-11 15:52:51

Something like Advocate instead of Frontline would also eliminate mange as a possibility. smile

kid Tue 11-Oct-11 23:29:48

Appointment booked for tomorrow. Poor little dog is licking one paw to death too. No sign of anything being in there and no scabs on his foot either, its a mystery.
Lets hope its something quick and simple to fix. I also hope its something I can claim off the insurance!

kid Wed 12-Oct-11 19:06:18

Back from vets, 2 injections, shampoo and a £154 lighter.
He has a bacterial skin infection and has to go back in 2 weeks.
So glad we have insurance.

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