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Getting my first foster dog on Monday! Any tips?

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2T2T Thu 06-Oct-11 15:15:43

I had not intended to foster but have kind of ended up in this position due to a very persuasive Rescue manager! She is a foster with a view to adopting. She's a 2 year old Yorkie and I have never had experience of this breed though I have thoroughly researched them. I have a cat too so how is it best to introduce them to each other. The cat is an anti social, timid - but incredibly loyal - moggy).

Advice gratefully received!

Rhinestone Thu 06-Oct-11 17:37:44

My top tip is do not get attached otherwise it's hell giving them up.

P.S. You will ignore this advice. I ignored this advice. I STILL ignore this advice. It is indeed hell giving them up.

2T2T Thu 06-Oct-11 22:28:07

Thanks! I need a bit of practical advice too. I am going to TRY not to get attached. It will be harder for my children I think.

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