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Stopping pup pulling on the lead.

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Pisky Thu 06-Oct-11 12:39:20

After I though pup was getting much better walking on the lead (we had a few walks to the post office where she trotted along beside me quite happily) she seems to have gone backwards.

Spoke to the trainer at puppy class (we just graduated level 1 wink) who said to just stand still when she pulls - but this just seems to make her worse and she goes hyper, leaping and summersaulting from side to side. Met a neighbour on the (very slow - stopping every step) way back from this mornings walk who suggested a "halti" head collar (they have a Newfoundland and this worked for them.) Anyone else found these useful (or not)?

Pup is just over 4months and is a Cocker Spaniel (working strain).

Any suggestions?

toboldlygo Thu 06-Oct-11 13:48:41

I really, really dislike haltis and similar devices. They don't solve the underlying problem and I see so many being used where they're up in the dog's eye, eye streaming everywhere and the dog is still pulling only it feels a lot less because it's attached to a weaker point.

Just standing still is going to be deeply frustrating for a pup of that age - you need to give her something else to do instead, which should be focusing on you. I posted something similar here recently about focus training. Start out in the garden, possibly even off the lead, trying to keep pup's attention for longer and longer, then start walking about, encouraging pup to follow you and keep her eyes on you. Looking at you and walking with her eyes on you needs to be the bestest, most exciting thing in the world. Then gradually start to take it outside amid more and more distraction.

Pisky Thu 06-Oct-11 16:57:19

Maybe I will have to give in an get a squeaky toy but only use it for lead work (and keep it away from DS who was annoying me with one whilst still in the shop).

Food just makes her too excited - the other pups at training class would follow food in the hand - mine tried to paw and scratch and eat my hand! Also not easy holding it at the right height so lots of bending over. The trainer has Golden retrievers so just a bit bigger!

She seems best if she is carrying a stick or something in her mouth - I suppose that gives her something else to focus on rather than all the lovely county side smells we have here.

The garden has lots of distractions at the moment. Apples falling down everywhere as well as leaves and beech nuts. So maybe I'll start indoors. Although it may have to wait till next week once my plaster cast is off my broken wrist and I have two hands again grin

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