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Rescue dog garden question

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doodledrawers Thu 06-Oct-11 11:30:23

After a recent incident where we nearly accidently acquired another dog (long story!), we've decided we would like a second dog - we've got a 2 year old Beardie already. We thought we should go for a rescue this time. I've been looking on a couple of local sites, and noticed that Many Tears stipulate that they will generally only rehome to somewhere where the back garden is separate to the front. Ours isn't - the house sort of sits at the corner of the plot, so the garden just wraps round 2 sides. It's a good size and secure, though. I was just wondering what the reasoning behind this rule might be and how widespread it was amongst other rescues?

Pawsnclaws Thu 06-Oct-11 12:02:41

Maybe because they perceive there might be risk to visitors (like postmen?) who have access to the house from the front, and/or a risk of escape of the dog if a visitor leaves a front gate open? I'm just guessing though - I've never heard that before. When we rehomed, the homechecker just made sure we had high fences and a secure back gate so a bit different. I think you'd need to discuss it with each individual rescue tbh.

toboldlygo Thu 06-Oct-11 13:41:47

The great thing about places like Many Tears as opposed to Dogs Trust, RSPCA etc. is that generally they are willing to consider each case separately and might well come and home check you anyway where some of the bigger ones would dismiss you from the first phone call.

I managed to adopt a rescue despite having no garden at all, was instantly dismissed by all the big names and a couple of local rescues over the phone, got one from a breed specific rescue in the end. Instead of the home checker inspecting the garden I took her out for a walk. grin

doodledrawers Thu 06-Oct-11 14:49:31

Thanks for the responses. That makes sense pawsnclaws - I generally don't leave my beardie in the garden unsupervised until after the postman has been - she won't attack him or try to escape, but will roll around at his feet with all four paws in the air whining pathetically until she gets a fuss, and that's just so embarassing grin. Glad to hear the garden thing isn't a blanket ban, anyway.

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