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Kids and puppy- help needed!

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rogersmellyonthetelly Mon 03-Oct-11 08:39:42

I have a 6mo sbt puppy who together with my kids is the light of my life. She is full of beans as to be expected from her age and breed, but I'm worried after reading a different thread that my kids are too much for her. They are 5 and 7 and love to play wrestle with her, give her full body hugs and kisses, play tug of war etc. We have certain ground rules, like they don't approach her when she is eating, no jumping on her obviously, no tail or ear pulling, and generally respecting her as an individual and if she doesn't come and join in the game that she doesn't want to play and to leave her alone.
How will I know if she is finding the kids too much? What signs do I need to look out for? Sbt as a breed are generally very tolerant of kids so I don't want to get complacent and end up with her getting peed off and growling at them etc. But at the same time it's lovely to see them all being "puppies" together. Generally she is up for any game they want to play, especially wrestling, where they lie on the floor and wriggle and she pounces on them and licks them. It's all very gentle at the moment despite her age and strength she never hurts them more than the odd scratch when she is standing on someone and slips off. There is never any pulling of clothes (was initially but she soon learned that no one will play if she is too rough) she also loves pulling them round the garden on the end of one of her toys and thinks its very funny when they get pulled over, which is of course another excuse for a good soggy dog snog. She is such a loving and playful dog will she stop being so playful as she gets older?

DooinMeCleanin Mon 03-Oct-11 09:13:49

You just need to use basic common sense and it sounds like you already are, it's fine for them to play with her so long as they are supervised.

Make sure she has somewhere to go where the dc know they cannot disturb her.

She sounds like a lovely dog. Ime staffies never grow up and will always love a game and a full body hug.

Signs of stress include lip licking, avoiding eye contact, tail down but as a rule dogs will always give warning with a growl if they are fed up or hurt. Make sure the dc know to leave her alone imediately if she ever growls.

MollyTheMole Mon 03-Oct-11 09:45:51

That sounds like a great relationship and how it should be smile

My SBT is nearly 6 and still loves all the stuff you mention, she will get DS on the floor and stand over him and will lick him literally until he is soaking wet, or she will fling herself across the room onto one of us when she decides she wants a bit of a play (I love having a bit of a rough wrestle with her blush)

The signs I look for are her suddenly just having no interest in playing anymore ("right Ive had enough so piss off"), and as Dooin days no eye contact. But tbh Ive never really seen a sign of anything like stress from her as we always stop the horse play when she starts to get that pissed off look on her face (you'll know it when you see it, they do actually look fed up and mine does a bit of a "humph" noise/grunt when shes had enough)

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