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Massive problem - barking

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anchovies Wed 28-Sep-11 13:54:24

We have had our rescue dog for about 6 months and he is a very sensitive soul. He barked a lot when we first started leaving him on his own but I thought we had it sorted (left the video camera on to be sure he was ok!)

This morning got home from the school run to find my next door neighbour waiting for me. She is generally pretty nuts but she went absolutely beserk saying I need to sort my dog out and that he barks constantly while we are out. Apparently she has "reported me" not sure to who though. Impossible to actually speak to her because she just screamed and me then stormed back inside (obviously would have apologised if I could have got a word in edgeways!) Dh is going to go round to talk to her this evening.

The dog goes out with dh (while he runs) in the morning for an hour and I don't give him his breakfast until we are leaving, sometimes in his kong wobbler to keep him occupied for a while. Also leave pigs ears/chews/antlers too. He is very settled at home on the whole just doesn't like being on his own.

The only idea that I've come up with so far is to lock the downstairs doors so he has to stay in the hall (so he can't bark next to the party walls) but I know he is not going to be happy with this - lots of scratching at doors when we shut him anywhere. He does have a very loud, beefy bark and is very annoying! So just wondering if there is anything else I can try? Also if she really has reported us to someone who will it be and what will happen?

DooinMeCleanin Wed 28-Sep-11 14:20:58

You can train his separation anxiety. How long is he alone for? Is it literally just the school run? If so your neighbour is the one who is barking if she thinks anything will happen about her complaint, although it still needs sorting for the dogs sake if nothing else.

Start by locking him in a room alone. Go straight back in (before he starts making a fuss, even if that means you go back in immediately), do not make a fuss of him. Just calmly get on with whatever. Do this throughout the day gradually increasing the amount of time you leave him for, but always go back before he starts scratching/barking.

You need to teach him that you going out is no big deal and you'll always come back. At the moment you have inadvertently taught him that you leaving is massive and as long as he makes a big enough fuss you'll come back grin

If starts barking before you manage to get back in, wait for a lull in the barking. Only go back in once he is quiet.

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