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Any suggestions?

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ImaginaryGiraffeIsMyBestFriend Tue 27-Sep-11 21:11:24

I'm planning on getting a puppy and want breed suggestions please smile

I'd prefer a dog with short hair (used to have a cocker with long hair that was a NIGHTMARE) and a breed that are generally accepted to be quite placid, we have a one year old in the house who likes poking the cat in the eye...

Vallhala Tue 27-Sep-11 22:47:45

Before you consider breeds I'd take a look at why did yor dh then decide to decrease his payment to the minimum he ca legally get away with? this thread if I were you.

A disgruntled cat, when poked in the eye, can cause a nasty scratch... a disgruntled dog can cause far more damage, leading to an injured child and possibly a dog put to sleep through no fault of his own.

When you've taken time to think that over, well, breed? IMHO and IME there's no such thing as the right breed, just the right dog. It's no use having a recommended breed which you like if he's not suited in temperament or for other reasons to your family.

An older dog who is already hous trained and past the bouncing, knocking DC flying, chewing, peeing on floor stage might be far more suitable to someone with a young child... and there are plenty of those in rescue who, if you pick your rescue carefully, will come with full assessment, quite possibly (and you may of course specify this if you wish though with a reputable rescue there is no necessity), a full history AS WELL AS full assessment, who is matched specifically to your circumstances and who is neutered, vaccinated and who will come also with the full, lifetime's support of the rescue and a promise that they will take him back if EVER you cannot keep him.

If you're determined to have a puppy, well, I'll be honest, it's not something that as a rescuer I would advocate, but please, for your sake and his research breed health checks and the breeder to within a inch of their lives, only buy via a breeder found via the breed club and follow the advice on finding a reputable breeder here, where I posted under the name of DogsBestFriend.

Lots to read and think about but I hope this helps.

Vallhala Tue 27-Sep-11 22:49:24

Bugger! Got that first link wrong of course! THIS is the correct link.

Sorry! blush

Elibean Tue 27-Sep-11 23:08:51

Lots of rescue puppies around at the moment....if you do decide on a pup....and some of them have short hair. Other advantage of rescue pup: if they are in foster with young children, they will a) be used to them and b) the fosterer can give you accurate feedback about how they relate to kids.

Just a though smile

Elibean Tue 27-Sep-11 23:09:09


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