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I know it's really stupid to get a puppy now, but. . . .

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My dad has been immensly irresponsible and bred his bitch. The puppies are being born right now. They will be ready just in time for christmas (wonder how many are going to be unwanted xmas gifts? hmm ) We have a 15 week old DD. And I just want to rescue 1 from being possibly kicked out when the cute puppy stage has gone and it gets too big (they are boxer pups). What should I do? I know a fair bit about dogs and know they're expensive and that puppies are equal if not worse than having a baby. I just want at least one to have a good home!

Elibean Tue 27-Sep-11 11:41:37

I can imagine feeling just the same in your shoes.

How much help do you have? How much energy do you have? How much space do you have? I would think each one of those through, and be prepared to be tough with myself if needs be...

Also, can you maybe help those pups find good homes without having to home one yourself?

Congrats on your dd smile

Have adequate space for a boxer (better than my dads at any rate, he lives on a narrowboat!), i don't have excess energy at the mo but that will change when dd is sleeping through. I don't have a lot of help during the day, dd is an easy baby now, but she will be 6months old a week before christmas, so who knows what she will be like by then? sad

Elibean Tue 27-Sep-11 13:33:51

She'll go through phases, like all babies, but will be a delight no matter what smile

6 mos is gorgeous, but she will be starting to move about soon after, which adds to the energy output for you.

You'd need to think about having time/energy for training a pup, not just the house training part but the walks, the manners, etc? Other adult/s in your house, are they on board with idea?

I'm no expert on puppies, having always had older rescue dogs - hopefully someone else on puppy thread could advise better, maybe post on the 'new puppies' thread?

DooinMeCleanin Tue 27-Sep-11 13:56:59

New puppies and a new baby are easier than new puppies and toddlers but are by no means an easy match.

You need to think about walks - would you manage with a pram? Have the energy after a sleepless night?

Training classes - would you be able to get a sitter? How would manage training during the day with a young baby?

By 6 months she could be crawling - how would you cope with toilet training and a crawling baby?

Cost - babies are expensive as are puppies.

A boxer is likely to be a lively pup right into adolesence and beyond - how would you feel about an over exuberant Boxer knocking your newly walking infant off her feet? (it will happen)

Chewed toys?

Another option would be to try and get a rescue involved with rehoming of them if your Dad would go for that? I'm guessing not, since he'd be after the cash sad

I can understand you want to rescue one, but it won't be easy. I've been there and done it myself. To be honest, I had PND and my puppy was what got me through it, but even with that it was a struggle.

The best thing you can do is try and help your Dad sell the puppies responsibly and not to the first tom, dick or harry that offers the right amount of money. Rescue involvement is the best option.

Him and my sister bred their dogs on purpose, purely for the cash so they won't go for rescue.

DooinMeCleanin Tue 27-Sep-11 15:51:32

My sister is also a numpty. She wants to breed from my Whippy. That will be happening over my dead body I can tell you.

Let us know what you decide. You seem experienced with dogs, so I am sure you won't just rush into it without thinking properly.

Midori is a breeder, she'll be able to give you some tips on where your Dad can safely advertise the puppies, maybe contact a breed association for help?

At the minute he's advertising on facebook hmm

If anyone's interested I just went on facebook and copied some pictures of the puppies. They're in my photos now smile they are adorable

Elibean Thu 29-Sep-11 13:49:29

They're adorable smile

And your dd is absolutely gorgeous!

Piffle Thu 29-Sep-11 14:41:24

Boxers can be prone to many health issues, can cost more to insure, have the parents been health tested at all.

The mother is fine AFAIK, but the dad almost died when he was a pup, they thought it was parvo, but it was actually gastroenteritis. And he has to eat loads otherwise his weight just vanishes and all his bones stick out after just a couple of days of not eating properly. Probably not the best dog to become a father hmm

Oh thank you by the way Elibean, she is rather beautiful even if I do say so myself grin

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