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Worms again/ still

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belindarose Sun 25-Sep-11 14:01:49

How often do pups need worming, once they're past the every two weeks stage? Mine is 18 weeks and I'm not sure he's ever been free of them yet. Seeing them in his poo again. Would they be causing stinky runny poo sometimes too? Is the good treatment only available from the vets? Sorry for all the questions!

hollyfly Sun 25-Sep-11 15:02:23

The vet can give you a five day course of worming fluid to get rid of a bad case of worms- which it sounds like your doggie has- I'm not sure what age they start giving this to dogs though. After they're worm free, it's best to use a worming tablet available from the vet every 4 months-ish. Even a good worming tablet doesn't always kill all the worms if there are a lot to begin with.

alice15 Mon 26-Sep-11 16:27:35

If you are only using pet shop wormers, the first step is to see the vet, as the most effective ones (and there are several) are prescription only. If the diarrhoea doesn't clear up quickly, there may be other causes - your vet can advise as needed.

belindarose Mon 26-Sep-11 17:03:29

Thanks. We did have prescription wormers but vet has given a 3 day course of panacur today, so hopefully that'll fix things.

Lizcat Mon 26-Sep-11 21:56:00

Puppies should be wormed every month till they are 6 months old and then 3 monthly after that. These are the BSAVA guidelines.

belindarose Tue 27-Sep-11 09:13:08

Oh dear, he vomited up what looked like all yesterday's panacur laced food. Phone call to the vets again this morning!

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