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just aquired an 18 mth old lhasa apso, advice please!

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jollymollie Sat 24-Sep-11 15:36:31

We bought an 18 month old lhasa apso yesterday. He is a great little dog and is settling in really well. The only thing we really need advice on is night times. Last night we put his bed in our bedroom but he just didn't settle at all. He kept trying to get up on our bed and only slept in short bursts. Obviously it was his first night in a new environment so we didn't expect to get much sleep but what's the best way forward? We are thinking of keeping him in the kitchen tonight. We are both really light sleepers and even the sound of him moving around was waking us up! I'm aware he may be upset at first but would he get used to being in there at night eventually? He has the run of the house during the day but would be in the kitchen when we go out, but not for long periods. Any advice please?

daisydotandgertie Sat 24-Sep-11 16:02:14

Yes - he'll get used to pretty much anything with time.

Decide exactly what you want to do with him at night and stick to it. The kitchen sounds like a good idea. Make his bed warm and comfortable and start to establish a night time routine - a wee and into bed then a treat works well with ours. You might find a covered crate is comforting for him while he settles in - perhaps not with the door shut though.

Yesterday will have been very stressful for him - and I'm not at all surprised he didn't settle very well. Do you know where he slept in his previous home? He will undoubtedly be better today - and better again tonight.

jollymollie Sat 24-Sep-11 16:46:01

Not sure where he slept, the previous owner wasn't great tbh. (Just got him back from the groomers as he was in a bit of a state. ) They had another dog so he will probably be missing her. He has a lovely comfy bed to sleep in so we'll start with the kitchen tonight and just stick with that. He's an easy going little chap so will hopefully get used to it really quickly. BTW the groomer said he's got an over active tear duct. Would you get this treated or just keep the area as clean as poss? thanks smile

daisydotandgertie Sat 24-Sep-11 18:55:14

I'd just keep an eye on it - and I expect you'll be taking him to the vet for a once over in the fullness of time so I'd mention it then. If he shows any signs of rubbing it, or trying to scratch it I'd take him to the vet as soon as I could.

Have you taken out pet insurance yet? I'd do it this weekend online - just in case. There's a 14 day exclusion for claims from the date of the start of the policy and there are also exclusions for problems that a vet is already aware of before the end of the 14 day exclusion period so I wouldn't hang about. Apologies if you've already done it.

He might well make a big old fuss tonight - he's not that grown up. As long as you have taken him for a pee before bed and know he's safe ignore him. He'll eventually be quiet and you'll set the tone for how you want him to behave in your house. If you're worried he's missing his old chum do you have an old teddy or something you can put in his bed with him? They often like something to curl up against or lie on - especially if they're used to sleeping with another dog. Hot water bottles can also help settle dogs down.

He's obviously lucky to have found you - I'm sure he'll settle in really well.

jollymollie Sun 25-Sep-11 18:13:31

Thank you so much for the reply. It has been very helpful. We put him in the kitchen last night and he did bark a fair bit but eventually he settled so we are hoping he'll feel better tonight. He's had a massive run around at the park which should help. I've got the pet insurance already and will try the hot water bottle, that sounds like a good idea. Thanks again smile

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