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I am shocked at the crap in Bakers and Pedigree

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Springyknickersohnovicars Sat 24-Sep-11 09:49:57

I've just got a pup and am pretty much horrified that these foods are marketted as good for dogs, the meat content is around 4% and they contain so much shit. They would have been my natural choice for pet food until the RSPCA recommended Burns and the pet shop took me on an educational tour of dog food. I would have accepted the marketting blurb on face value to be honest.

Some of the cheaper foods are 80% moisture, if I wanted to buy my puppy that I'd buy her a drink!

bemybebe Sat 24-Sep-11 09:52:57

agree 100%

DooinMeCleanin Sat 24-Sep-11 10:32:32

Chappie chicken and rice is good if you were looking for a cheaper food.

Bakers is the blue smarties of dog food world. Avoid at all costs. I'd rather my dogs go hungry for the night if Bakers is the only option.

Springyknickersohnovicars Sat 24-Sep-11 10:59:50

I am new to doggie ownership and will be grateful to the rspca and pet shop for educating me. The really are like feeding your pet on MacDonalds for breakfast dinner and tea. Horrible stuff.

ceres Sat 24-Sep-11 11:52:01

when our staffie was young we used to feed pedigree, bakers etc. it was only when he was diagnosed with colitis that we did some research and, like you, were horrified to find that his food was mainly water and cheap fillers.

we now feed nature's harvest - high meat content, veg and rice.

CandiceMariePratt Sat 24-Sep-11 12:05:37

I thought dogs liked eating crap smile

Springyknickersohnovicars Sat 24-Sep-11 12:18:52

Puppy hasn't eaten her breakfast she usually dives in, she will eat if hand fed, should I feed her the food or just wait until she dives in there? Should I moisten the Burns to see if that helps? Or just chill and do nothing.

walkersmum Sun 25-Sep-11 07:18:31

Go to this site to see the reviews of Bakes and others

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