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first walk with muzzle on :(

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ditavonteesed Fri 23-Sep-11 11:09:22

I have decided that I do not trust cherry and her dog aggresion issues seem ti be getting wrse, I am sure my tension about the situation is not helping so I decided to get her a muzzle. she doenst seem overly impressed but seemed to forget about it towards the end of the walk. it was the right choice I think as she did snap at 3 dogs and I was safe in the knowledge that she couldnt hurt anyone, she never has hurt another dog but it s not a risk I am willing to take.
Everybody we ssaw that we know made a real fuss of her, she can still get treats and drink. I am really hoping this is not forever and will continue to work on her training. I was very upset getting it and I hate the way she looks in it and am worried that people will no longer see my lovely friendly fun dog but a dog that they need to avoid.

Crosshair Fri 23-Sep-11 11:56:11

Someone else mentioned these on here a few days ago:

I think they're a great idea and the orange one may help others to realise that shes fine with people just not other dogs. I hope she improves and you both start feeling better about the muzzle.

Tchootnika Fri 23-Sep-11 14:10:07

dita - I know it feels a bit horrible introducing your dog to a muzzle, but it sounds as if you're actually doing really well. It sounds as if it's worse for you than Cherry (which is normal, I think), and she's actually doing fine - which is good.

It doesn't have to be forever, and if you didn't feel confident that she would be reliably OK around other dogs then you're certainly doing exactly the right thing: her confidence should actually increase as she should be able to just play with other dogs without getting defensive, then understand there's no need for defensive behaviour, then forget about it all together.

You probably feel like people are giving you the critical eye much more than they really are, and other dog owners with sense won't see a muzzle as a red flag (unless, possibly, you the owner have that crazy snarling anxious look - which i'm sure you don't). (Also, muzzles don't necessarily mean the dog is aggressive - it could just be a terrible greedy scavenger with food allergies.)

It sounds like you're doing well.

3cutedarlings Fri 23-Sep-11 14:23:01

Indeed the mussel did bother you more than Cherry!!. She is a clever bright dog she will soon learn that being a grumpy mare gets her nowhere. She has no need to protect you or the other dogs. Being a bright little spark she will learn that most dog carry no threat what so ever.

Chin up chick, despite me not liking seeing her with it on, you I and everyone else knows you have done the only responsible thing to do.

Over the next few weeks work with her meeting lots of dogs on and off lead (new ones if poss including other nice terriers) she will soon get the message that she has nothing to fear or protect.

<<<goes off to seek advice , about my big soft lump of a bossy "thinks he's 10 men" twat of a dog!! hmm..>>>


ditavonteesed Fri 23-Sep-11 16:48:59

thanks, feeling better about it, know it was the right decision and we will get her through this phase with plenty of training, lots of dried liver and a ,lot of love. I just love cherry so much the thought of anyone seeing her as vicious upsets me. Also nice to hear today that the friends we walk with stick up for her, one friend said after one of her 'episodes' somebody said that dogs nasty and she said actually she is lovely. I know you would defend her to the earth 3 cute, she needs to stop trying to protect the other dogs now since they are all at least 4 times the size of her.
As for your teenager, he will be fine because you are on it and dont just ignore things like so many people seem to.

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