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Depressed Rottweiller at a Rescue Centre

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Willowisp Wed 21-Sep-11 21:51:33

I'd love a dog, but not really in position to have one (2 DD's, 1 cat), so I have a habit of looking at a rescue centre in Wales, in case the opportunity comes in that I could have a dog (am thinking of fostering..)

Anyway, a rottweiler has arrived from a pound & I think he's pining. Basically i think I've (unrealistically) fallen for him & have spent most of the evening researching them - completely the wrong dog for me, but I can't bear that he is so unhappy. He's got a sickness that they think is from stress & he just looks so sad sad. If I lived closer, I'd be offering my help just to sit & talk to him

I just wanted to talk about it really, cos I know there are good rescue people here...

Vallhala Wed 21-Sep-11 22:03:22

Poor little soul. sad

Maybe you could name the rescue here to see if any equally kind soul has the space in their heart and/or home for him?

"Just sitting and talking to him" can make all the world of difference - short term to cheer him up, longer term to help a busy rescue in keeping him in contact with caring, friendly humans, an essential part in any rehoming and/or rehabilitation programme.

The world needs more folk like you. smile

chickchickchicken Thu 22-Sep-11 15:26:00

i used to know a lovely rotti sad

wish i lived closer to visit. do you have a link or name of rescue OP?

higgle Thu 22-Sep-11 16:11:02

Is it Many Tears? I got my dog from there after spending a whole day crying about how sad it was he was unwanted, it melts your heart reading the stories.

Willowisp Thu 22-Sep-11 19:31:13

Thanks for reply.

Yes, the rescue centre is Many Tears & over 3 hrs from me. The dog is called Teflon, in the first couple of photos he looks happy & the 3rd is looks very sad.

I've conjured up this story where he has been lost (so started hunting through lost ads blush & is pining.

Reading about rotties, I don't think they are good with kids, but if someone could help perk him up, that'll be fantastic.

He's not well at all & not currently up for adoption.

Coca Thu 22-Sep-11 19:38:18

I'm sure the Rescue would welcome you volunteering to spend some time with him. Don't judge all Rotties by a few scary stories. I know one who is the most loving gentle soul who is the perfect family dog and dotes on the family's 1 yr old dd. He used to get up and "do" the night feeds with the parents when she was born grin

higgle Thu 22-Sep-11 21:04:52

Have you seen the update? Teflon had surgery because they were so concerned but they have found nothing wrong, but she is still very ill, poor dog.

Willowisp Thu 22-Sep-11 22:10:19

yes, I saw that (he is a she ?) that's why I think poor Teflon is pining...sad

I read something about a pony being rescued & much work being put in to save him & he did seem to be getting better, then he literally lost the will to live & faded away.

That's why I'm so worried...

Willowisp Thu 22-Sep-11 22:11:25

Higgle, glad to see you got your dog from there, that'll be my first port of call. Hope all is well with him.

chickchickchicken Thu 22-Sep-11 23:38:06

poor rotti. my friend's rotti was lovely. incredibly gentle. she would roll on the floor playing with my little jrt. she never hurt him even accidentally. my jrt would actually go inside her mouth to kiss her. cute but yukky at the same time!

poor teflon sad

yesbutnobut Fri 23-Sep-11 19:05:27

Willow - you're not Alison from Lancashire are you? I see on MT today that this lady has driven up to spend some time with Teflon. How lovely

Willowisp Fri 23-Sep-11 20:44:07

hi, no I'm not, I was wondering if she is someone from here...whoever she is, I love her !

Really hoping that she'll do the trick (& also thinking how suitable I would be for Teflon's owner wink).

Poor old Teflon still has that haunted look though..fingers crossed.

I was thinking of ringing MT & asking if they could put a radio in the mum used to leave the radio on for the guinea pig when we went out for company.

myermay Fri 23-Sep-11 20:52:21

i saw that dog too, she looks beautiful! would love a rottie, but so scared of a rescue one especially with little children, fingers crossed she finds a fantastic home soon

Ephiny Wed 28-Sep-11 14:49:11

Rotties absolutely can be great with children, including rescue ones. Mine, for example - grew up with babies/toddlers in his previous home, is fantastic with our little niece/nephews, and if as I hope we have a baby of our own in the fairly near future, I'll have no worries about him at all. Big, gentle, calm, steady...the bad reputation really isn't deserved!

If she's a pound dog/stray though, she probably won't be placed with a home with young children, as there's no history on how she is with little ones -that's a normal precaution (for any breed).

Poor Teflon, really feel for her sad. Many Rotties are such affectionate, people-oriented dogs, just want to love and be loved, they really thrive as part of a family and kennel life is hard. Good to hear that someone is giving her a foster-home (if I've understood that correctly), really hoping she'll be able to be well and happy again.

Ephiny Wed 28-Sep-11 15:07:54

Also - I assume they did all blood tests etc at the vets, but just remembering another rescue Rottie I saw, she was very lethargic, not eating, 'shut down' etc, and it turned out there was a thyroid problem.

That was a sad story too, poor thing had been abandoned in a rented house when the owners were evicted, they left the place in an absolutely squalid, filthy place, bin bags and rubbish piled up everywhere, and in the middle of it, the scared, lonely, hungry, sick dog who they'd seen fit to leave behind with the rubbish. Absolutely beautiful, lovely girl, hard to understand how anyone can behave like that and call themselves human angry.

LtEveDallas Wed 28-Sep-11 15:08:51

My boss has applied for Teflon! - She's already got 2 Rotties, both were rescue and when I showed her Teflon's photo she was almost crying. Her poor DH didn't have a choice when she told him that she wanted her (she's already got 4 dogs and a small zoo of other animals!). Her two other rotties are soft as hell and wonderful with my DD.

I saw Teflon when looking for our next Mutt - We got MuttDog from MTAR 18 months ago, and we are ready for our next - sadly DH wants a small dog next, or I'd have loved Teflon too. I'm liking Twts and Billy.

Sylvia has had a lot of interest in Teflon, she's now gone into a foster home to see if she picks up, but boss wont know for a while if she's successful in her application. Boss is emailing daily smile

Alouiseg Wed 28-Sep-11 15:12:14

What good news, I hope Teflon (and all the others) find a loving home.

LtEveDallas Fri 30-Sep-11 13:39:33

Willow and everyone else, just in case you were still worried about Teflon, we had an email from MTAR this morning, she is doing well in her foster home and her fosterers have asked to keep her.

My boss is a bit gutted, but glad Teflon has got a home. back to the drawing board!

Alouiseg Fri 30-Sep-11 14:01:13


Ephiny Fri 30-Sep-11 14:03:32

Oh that's good news smile

Willowisp Sun 02-Oct-11 03:56:39

Just seen that,yes, Teflon has been adopted - I'm so pleased for her. Although I do think she was well cared for in the past...she has a new family now that love her & I hope she goes from strength to strength.

Shame she didn't go to a mumsnetter, would have been good to know how she gets on. And yes, hope the others find a home.....I think I will apply to be a fosterer when the dd's are a bit older.

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