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Just found a lump ....

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bobkate Tue 20-Sep-11 22:04:30

... and wondering if anyone can put my mind at rest a little before I go to bed.
It's our year old springer, due to be speyed in a few weeks. Just found quite a big lump near to one of her nipples. Hmmm how best to describe where it is..if I get her to lie on her back, it's on the nipple that's nearest to her front left leg ( looking down on her - so when right way up it's nearest to her front right leg ) Hope that makes sense as to where it is. If you look down on the lump, the nipple is probably at about 1o'clock in relation to the lump.
The lump itself feels about the size and shape of a hard boiled egg cut in half vertically. So I feel that's quite big. An probably a similar feel too I suppose.
Obviously I'll be on the phone to the vets at 8am when they open to get an appointment. But I'm scared for her, she's the best dog ( apart from the poo eating she likes to do smile.
Has anyone else ever seen anything like this and it wasn't anything awful?

Elibean Wed 21-Sep-11 10:35:12

How'd the appointment go, if you've had it?

My dog had a couple of non-important lumps as a youngster, and lived to nearly 14 - if its near a nipple it could be a blocked duct or something, I suppose, just as in humans. Paws crossed!

bobkate Wed 21-Sep-11 21:39:35

Thanks Elibean. The appt went well, thank goodness. He said it was nothing sinister, said something about mammary hyper something. I think it's where she's developing into a woman dog I suppose. Anyhoo - said to push her spey op to late oct to give it time to adjust. To be honest, when he felt it and said nothing sinister I was so pleased I didn't really listen properly blush

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