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trainer versus behaviourist

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saffronwblue Sat 17-Sep-11 12:02:03

I have been looking for some help with Daisy-( barking, growling, guarding domestic appliances etc).
Searching the net I could see that here in Melbourne there is a choice between trainers and behaviourists. Trainers $50 per visit and behaviourists $300 per visit! I decided to start at the cheaper end and to see if it worked. Jason the trainer came around today and started talking about packs, dominance etc, all of which I believe has been discredited. Having said that, he was brilliant with Daisy, who adored him, and constructive with us and demonstrated some techniques that have left us feeling a bit more confident. He said she lacks boundaries which is true- she does roam all over the house, jumps on tables, sofas etc. So we are going to try his methods for a week and keep the expensive option up our sleeve.
Haven't really got a question, but would love to hear the thoughts of anyone with more experience ( that would be everyone!). I can't believe how like child rearing it is with all the furiously different schools of thought.

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