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Luxating patella op.... A few questions

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soakingfromtheschoolrun Fri 16-Sep-11 20:38:21

I really wish "luxating patella" was still a word I didn't have a clue about.

Turns out Toby has Luxating Patella. I'm kicking myself as had shown signs before with the sudden limping, then fine again combo, but sadly I didn't have a clue, and just thought he had knocked his leg.

He has been diagnosed, x-rayed and booked in for surgery on the 21/9/11 at edinburgh vet school. pre-autharisation is going through as the bill will be obver £1000 for the insurance. However i have some questions...
Will Toby be discharged the same day as his op?
Will he be very sore afterwords?
He is an extreamly hyper dog, how will i keep him calm?
What is the recovery time?

I know I should have asked the vet but went blank at the time tbh

Also a biggie, My sister is getting married on october 8th, i am a bridesmaide and cannot miss it. I have spoken to both vet and kennels and he will be going in on the 7-10th, both have assured me he will be okay and will get lots of time spent with him, but i feel awful Wedding is 250 miles away and i can't take him, will he hate me ?

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