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The Cinnamon Trust

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Skyrg Tue 13-Sep-11 22:10:50

Am in the process of applying to volunteer for them (the form is longer than most job applications!). Can't foster or anything, hoping to walk dogs.

Wonder if anyone has experience with them and can tell me a bit more?

Will it be mainly/only elderly or ill people whose pets need walking, or people in other situations? Will I be able to combine it with walking my own dog?
Are you expected to walk the same dog twice a day, or a variety of dogs a couple of times a week? Are the pet owners generally easy to deal with?

That sort of thing.

Scuttlebutter Wed 14-Sep-11 01:27:04

Going on my own experience with them, they try to match you with a dog owner in your locality or within the specified area you have said you are willing to travel in. Also, it's up to you to say how often you are willing to walk the dog - it's better to be realistic and commit to a guaranteed twice a week than be over optimistic and end up breaking some appts. It also happens that in some cases the dog may be walked by more than one volunteer - I used to share dog walking duties for one lady - I did three times and the other person did twice.

Owners were lovely, very happy and a pleasure to visit. To be honest, that's one of the attractions, the fact you are helping/visiting someone as well as just walking their dog. It does vary a lot as so much depends on the needs of the individual client.

Good luck!

vjg13 Wed 14-Sep-11 13:47:39

I have been a volunteer for the Cinnamon Trust for about 5 years. I also think it's better to offer to do less walks initially and then if you want to offer to do extra.

I've always got on well with the owners and they always seemed delighted when I arrived as does the dog/dogs!

I now have two forever foster dogs as the owner passed away and we were able to offer them a home. I had walked them for about three years and knew them well and adored them. My beautiful lurchers are my pride and joy smile

Skyrg Thu 15-Sep-11 17:22:35

Thanks smile Is reassuring to know it will be appreciated and that people have had good experiences.
Any idea if I'd be able to walk my dog at the same time?

oldandcrabby Mon 19-Sep-11 17:05:51

Cinnamon Trust offer their services to people over seventy or those with a terminal illness. They are very approachable if you have a query.

I am not a volunteer but have two experiences: an 84 year friend has two visits a week from volunteers to walk her Cairn. (I think they may walk with their dogs too.) She also has help from friends and neighbours. She loves her dog and I think the help she gets allows her to remain in her home.

My Bedlington Terrier and I have done some phobic work with health professionals. We are Pets as Therapy visitors. One little boy who had Aspergers as well as being phobic, took nearly a year to feel confident. This was reinforced when Dad became a Cinnamon Trust volunteer and the whole family accompanied him when he walked a Lab.

Cinnamon will also rehome pets after a client's death. They do not put animals down.

Good luck, I'm sure you will enjoy it.

chickchickchicken Mon 19-Sep-11 19:24:38

i have friends who volunteer for cinnamon trust and
i dont know if either cinnamon or papas have guidelines re walking your own dog with client's dog but i do know friends walk theirs together. maybe it depends on the particular dogs? age and temperament etc? a friend who volunteers with papas has the dog they walk to stay for sleepovers and take him on day trips etc with other dogs. i dont know if this is common though

brokenwingedflier Mon 19-Sep-11 20:47:59

We met a random woman on the South Coat sand she was obv a dog person. I asked whether or not she had dogs. She said that she didn't anymore but was in the Cinnamon Trust. I had meant to look ati up, and will do, but she was a LOEVELY lady. It made me wonder what I could do myself. Thank you for reminding me of this.

brokenwingedflier Mon 19-Sep-11 20:55:54

Op, the person who I spoke to said that it was mainly covering/walking for dogs whilst the owner was in hospital

Skyrg Tue 20-Sep-11 22:51:08

Thanks for all the info smile Looking forward to it when I can finally find the three references they want! (Moved around a lot so tricky to find people who've known me for long enough).
We've got a puppy who needs to meet other dogs (just allowed out after vaccinations), so being able to walk him with other dogs would be a big bonus. Not a problem if it's not possible though.

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