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Bit worried about terrier but probably just fussing

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terriermum Tue 13-Sep-11 19:00:46

Cairn terrier aged 1 year and 1 month. She didn't eat much this morning but we went for an hour walk with no problems. She just trotted along with me. We were going for another walk this evening and she seemed very reluctant after a very short way so I carried her home. She is now on the sofa, not asleep but resting. She has eaten quite a lot of lamb mince this evening (to my great relief). If she wouldn't eat anything I would have definitely gone to the evening vet surgery. I think I am fussing but she is my first dog. I really wish she could talk, or cry or something like toddlers can. She doesn't really bark. She did nip me a few times today when I was fiddling in cupboards at her height, which is uncharacteristic but then so is me being in a cupboard at her height. Normally we would go for another walk. Could she just be having a bit of a sofa day, or if dogs go like this does it mean that they need vetinary attention? Thanks for any advice. She has eaten a large supper.

terriermum Tue 13-Sep-11 19:37:03

It's ok. We have just been for a little walk and she trotted along and her tail was wagging. I felt like crying with relief. I think I am a bit pfb about her. I have lots of doggy neighbours so I would have taken her round to one of them if she had not perked up. I am so relieved.

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