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Food advice?

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Beamur Tue 13-Sep-11 18:29:34

My dog is a mixed breed, probably aged about 8 (she was an adult when we got her and her exact age is unknown). I've changed her food a couple of months ago to brands which claim to be lower in allergens as she has a recurrent ear problem, which is probably pollen related but I thought giving her a better diet wouldn't hurt.
However, she is not liking the change much and is refusing to eat until extremely hungry and is obviously despondent about her food which is rather sad to see! The last couple of days I've relented slightly and mixed in some wet food, which comes frozen in packs. She loves this - meals are greeted with joy again!
My question is really, is the fussiness down to changing the food, or could it be a bit age related too - does the wet food help stimulate the appetite? Is it a good thing to mix dry and wet food - and - any recommendations for foods for a dog like this? Thanks!

Beamur Tue 13-Sep-11 19:31:35

Delightfully, the wet food now seems to have upset her tummy a bit too. Help!

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