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Maltese 'Teacup' - does anyone have one of these?

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saythatagain Thu 08-Sep-11 11:41:31

If you do, could you tell me about them please?

multipoodles Thu 08-Sep-11 12:01:56

No such thing as a 'teacup' in any breed, simply a marketing ploy to sell small runky, ill bred dogs. Yes loads of stuff on the internet especially the nutty Americans (sorry if I offend any Americans on here). If you want a Maltese go to a proper breeder who health checks, produces healthy puppies and will breed within the stardard. If you want a 'teacup' perpare to buy from back yard breeders who haven't a clue about the breed, who will breed small to small, weaker pups who will charge an arm and a leg and prepare yourself for a possible lifetime of problems.

Off my soapbox now..

Vallhala Thu 08-Sep-11 12:20:28

<<climbs on multipoodles soapbox>>

multipoodles is absolutely right.

Go for a "teacup" backyard bred dog - and at best he WILL be backyard bred, I'll stake my life on that, worse still he may well be from a puppy farm - and you'll not just be buying a potentially VERY sick dog from extremely sick bastards, you'll be lining their pockets and encouraging cruel, irresponsible breeding.

If you want a Maltese, find a reputable breeder THROUGH THE BREED CLUB, not through the Kennel Club. 90% of puppy farmed dogs are KC registered, it means sweet FA.

Better still, if you care about dogs don't encourage ANY breeder, no matter how good they are, but instead rescue from a reputable shelter one of the many thousands of dogs which are desperate for a home and free up a rescue space so that people like me can fill it with yet another dog who would otherwise die as an unwanted pet.

The RSPCA alone kills 22 dogs a day... the number of dogs killed in pounds we will never know, they lie far too much... all I know is that the number I and other rescuers can save is far too small and always will be while people are breeding yet more pups and others are buying them.

saythatagain Thu 08-Sep-11 17:52:12

I thought so - I was having a conversation with a work colleague and she showed me some images. I thought they looked more like stuffed toys to be honest! I'll put her right on that information.

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