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Been to the eye specialist - Lab has some problems .

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Avantia Wed 07-Sep-11 11:39:36

Posted a week or so ago that we were being referred to doggy eye specialist as an eye infection in one eye didn’t appear to be clearing up. We have a 14 month lab .KC registered, 5 generation certificate etc. etc.

Anyway went this week –she has distichiasis – abnormal growth of eyelashes and entropin – inward eyelid. Now vet needs to see whether one may have caused the other before he decides course of action. He has placed a contact lens in the bad eye to protect the cornea to stop any irritation so she can open it fully and stop winking at me!

We go back next week.

He also found multifocal retinal dysplasia , nearly fell on the floor when he said that ! but it should cause her no problems apprarently .

I felt sick when he told me all this – I am sure that it will be OK in the end but not looking forward to her going through the surgery.

Any experience out there of these conditions ?

DoesItWearingWellies Thu 08-Sep-11 02:39:55

WRT the entropion and distichiasis, the operation involved to correct the conditions is usually very short - often less than 30 mins. IME, distichiasis is treated by freezing the hair follicles to destroy them and is a very quick procedure. With entropion, a sliver of eyelid is removed to roll the eyelashes out of the eye and into a more natural position.

Whilst it's never nice to have a pet go through surgery, I imagine there would be no overnight stay involved so you'll drop her off in the morning and collect her that afternoon/evening.
She might feel a little sorry for herself initially, but the following day you probably won't even be able to tell she'd had an operation as she'll be the full-of-energy, playful bundle she was before her op, if just a little bald and swollen around her eye.

MRD is widespread through many gun breeds. It sounds as though it is a mild form in your lab's case, so if her vision isn't affected now it never will be as it is non-progressive. Whilst it can sometimes be caused by the bitch coming into contact with certain viruses during pregnancy, it is often inherited, as can the entropion/distichiasis. It may be worth informing your breeder. If you had planned to, don't breed from your girl.

Good luck!

Avantia Thu 08-Sep-11 18:21:15

Thanks for that info - quite reassuring.

Our girl has been spayed so no issue with breeding. My intention was to inform the breeder next week once we know a bit more .

Contact lens still in !

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