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House training problems with 6mo puppy

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rogersmellyonthetelly Tue 06-Sep-11 21:50:57

right so I posted last week about how pleased I was with my puppy and how well her training is coming on, but this week we seem to be right back to square one with the toilet training! We moved house about 5 weeks ago, and she did have quite a few poo accidents in various rooms, but has since been fine. Last few days since its been cooler and rainy outside she has been peeing in the house again. I'm fuming just now because she was in the kitchen with me, I went outside for a fag and called her out for a last pee before bed, she refused to come out so I assumed she didn't need to go. I came back in 5 minutes later and she has peed on the carpet upstairs in the hall. I know she has just done it as it wasn't there when I came downstairs for a fag. Obviously she would rather pee inside than go outside in the rain.
Please can anyone offer advice on this, I haven't chastised her as I didnt catch her in the act, but I knew before I saw the pee that she had done something she shouldnt as she was reluctant to follow me out of the kitchen which is what she does when she has been naughty. Obviously she knows that she has peed somewhere that she shouldnt, how can I stop her doing it again? If I put her in the garden and it's raining, she will stand at the back door looking pitiful then pees on the floor the moment she is back inside.

belindarose Tue 06-Sep-11 22:23:57

Mine is much younger, but it appears that I have to pick him up or otherwise persuade him outside in the rain. Also have to be there with him. Paws at the door if not and doesn't think about his wee. Sounds like you were out there too though. Maybe just make him stay out with you till he's done it? If you're pretty sure he'll need one anyway!

Spamspamspam Wed 07-Sep-11 11:18:10

rogers mine is six months old and I still have the occasional blip with her. It seems she still needs me to go right out with her, shut door behind me and wait until she has done it. I sometimes think she doesn't need one but usually if I wait long enough she will go. I am dreading the winter when it is freezing and am wondering when on earth she will get the message to just go out on her own.

Take just now we go out, I know she hasn't had a wee since 7.45am she sits down with a stick, it takes me throwing a few balls to get her moving before she actually starts smelling around and has a wee!

I am thinking of putting up our summer umbrella heavily weighted down somewhere in the garden during the winter so she can wee/poo under there when it's raining as if I really am going to have to stand out with her I want something to keep us both dry.

alp Wed 07-Sep-11 12:10:27

If it's raining then our pup refuses to go out unless we are with her. Even then she looks at me in a pitiful way. It's that or she pees everywhere inside.

We've had the doors open all summer (?) long so I think she now thinks if they are closed she goes inside - usually on the carpet angry

I think I'm going to go back to taking her out every hour.

alice15 Wed 07-Sep-11 14:19:15

If you had a two year old child, you wouldn't trust them entirely to be making the right decisions about whether they needed a last wee before going to the shops, for example, would you? A six month old puppy, even if it's more or less got the idea about house training, is entirely likely to go "I'm not going out in the rain!" and then think five minutes later in the hall, "whoops, I need a wee" - my own six month old puppy did exactly that yesterday evening! IME you still need to be going out with them sometimes at this age, particularly in circumstances where it's important they do go outside, such as last thing at night, when it's raining, after they've been asleep for ages, etc, rather then sending them out or letting them make the decision whether to go. They particularly don't seem to like being alone in a cold wet dark garden at night while everyone one else is cozy inside - and who can blame them?

TheLadyEvenstar Mon 12-Sep-11 00:08:37

I have a 10m old puppy and until a few weeks ago we still had the odd blip with her and then it was like something clicked in her brain. Now she waits until the morning and as soon as I am out of bed she is by the door waiting to go. If I am sitting down at any time of day that she needs to go she jumps on the sofa and puts her paws on my back giving me a shove grin not in an aggressive way mind!!

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