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Which type of pet insurance do you have for your dog?

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EttiKetti Tue 06-Sep-11 14:08:49

Our dog is 5 years old, she is fit and healthy, has been spayed. We currently have a Per Condition plan with MoreThan which is up for renewal. I wondered at what age anyone would swap to a Lifetime policy.

Our limit is £7000 per condition, excess is £70+10% of treatment costs until she is 9, then 20%. I assume this is average!

Machin11 Thu 08-Sep-11 21:48:17


My dog Garfield cats name I know has been insured with Pet Plan for ever and a day on there lifetime policy, he's now 11 and costs £25 per month, up to £4000 per illness per year, but if he gets a continous illness, all I pay is the excess £80 I think, each year and the rest is covered.
I've only claimed once for £60 in the whole 10 years he's been covered ignoring total cost spent but my rabbits are covered by them and they have been amazing for them, I claimed nearly £2k for one rabbit and £800 for another (now dead unfortunately) and they never ever quibled!

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