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How to teach my 20 week old Golden puppy to leave things when walking

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Title says it all. We have a beautiful if somewhat dim golden retriever who is becoming a big boy (I reckon he'll be the size of a shetland pony when he finishes growing!) and when he's out for walks he does ok until he sees:
a blade of grass fly past his nose
a crisp packet
a sweet packet
empty drink container
a person (with or without a dog!)

Hopefully you get the picture. Any top tips to get him to 'behave' and ignore these little distractions?

Lizcat Tue 06-Sep-11 13:32:45

A very gentle tug on the lead combined with the words leave it. Mobile mop only 15 months old managed to leave a dead chinese takeaway the other day after training him with leave it.

I'll give that a try thanks Lizcat.

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