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Will my Golden get along with a smaller dog in the house?

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springlamb Mon 05-Sep-11 22:27:28

Our Golden is a delight, huge, hairy, floompy, sociable, laid back (well, most of the time). He was DS's 10th, and much awaited, birthday present. He is now 6.5 years. He's never been a particularly dominant dog. In fact, the vet recommended we delay his neutering until he was 5 in case it made him too submissive (he is now neutered).
Now, DH promised DD when the Golden arrived that she would also have her own dog for her 10th birthday. And DD will turn 10 later this year and hasn't forgotten the promise made when she was 3. She says she fancies a smaller dog, but not a tiny dog.
How do people think a Golden and a small dog will get on? Both DH and I had westies/yorkies/jacks when we were younger but not together with a larger dog. I think a sturdy westie or a standard yorkie would be ok, I don't think anything miniature/teacup or slim would be a good idea, as I feel there may be rolling around play on the cards.
And do you think a dog or a bitch? Whichever will be neutered as soon as poss anyway.
We're not averse to unusual crosses and DD's not fussed about cutesy or fancy pedigree names.

horsemadmom Tue 06-Sep-11 16:00:05

My Goldie is terrified by small dogs- anything smaller than a beagle. They are too small and too fast for him to see. He actually wet himself once at the vets when a yorkie came in. Many Goldies are just too laid back for small yappy things.
Try before you buy!

Cheria Tue 06-Sep-11 17:31:51

My goldie gets on well with other dogs in general but does try and bully the very very small dogs when he first meets them (but then they usually kick his ass).

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