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i have to take ralph to the vets this week

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misdee Mon 05-Sep-11 20:36:54

probably tomorrow if i can get an appointment early.

one of his ears is looking sore, and have found a pea sized lump on his back sad am hoping it was just wehere he was daft last week and ran under a prickly bush, but it doesnt feel right.

multipoodles Tue 06-Sep-11 14:31:39

Hope all goes well at the vets, I have always routinely used a bit of Thornit in the poodle ears as it keeps any nasties at bay. I imagine the Poodle in Ralph will mean his ears are hairy!

misdee Tue 06-Sep-11 16:22:07

couldnt get an appointment today and he wanted to just hide from the rain [funny boy] so let him snuggle up with his favourite blanket.

he is actually a bit lathargic atm and not his usual self so going to get them to give him a good check over, as well. mind you he could also be sulking as the kids are back at school and he is missing some cuddles, soppy boy.

he has extrememly hairy ears, and they are cleaned regularly and groomer keeps them in check for me. ralphs coat was a bit of a surprise to everyone, as he is the poodleist doodle out of the litter and the others have smoother sleeker coats. he is 2nd gen so is to be expected there are surprises along the way with regards to his coat smile

multipoodles Wed 07-Sep-11 08:09:58

Oh poor fella he probably is missing the company. If Ralph is anything like our poodles he will be their constant companion. Our std pup (9mths old now)is my shadow, and if I am not there it's my teenage son she is glued to, in a nice way not insecurity just plain nosiness, they hate to miss anything! When school started here last week she looked a bit down, lay at the front door watching out for most of the day! Gotta love'm I'd hate to have a breed that was grossly independent, I like my velro dogs!

Hope his ears are ok..

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