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Floyd , the old english sheepdog who was abdondoned at wood green animal shelter last week, has been put to sleep

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misdee Mon 05-Sep-11 20:05:53


Vallhala Mon 05-Sep-11 20:14:18

Oh Jesus... I was so hoping he was going to make it.

May karma hit the bastard who let him this happen and may it hit them hard.

Run free, Floyd. sad

misdee Mon 05-Sep-11 20:18:13

''Wood Green Animal Shelters

The Charity is sad to report that on the advice of our vets we have had to make the extremely difficult and sad decision to end Floyd’s suffering. Floyd was abandoned outside the gates last weekend in one of the worst animal neglect cases ever seen by the Charity.

Vets today confirmed that Floyd had been experiencing a great deal of pain which would not respond to treatment. Floyd had severe hip dysplasia and arthritis which meant that walking and even standing would have been very painful for him. He also had a number of other medical issues that were causing him considerable distress.

Our only comfort is that in the last week he was given the best care and love from our dedicated staff. We’re so disappointed that no matter what we did, it was too late for us to save Floyd and undo the pain and suffering that he had already endured.

Unfortunately, Floyd is not alone in his suffering, every week the Charity is seeing animals that are in pain due to owners not knowing where or how to get the support and help they need before it’s too late. Wood Green would like to take this opportunity to advise pet owners that we understand that pet ownership does present challenges, and whilst the vast majority of people take on pets with good intentions this is not always enough to provide for all of your pet’s needs.

The Charity would encourage owners to seek help at the earliest sign of a problem in caring for your pet so as to avoid reaching a crisis situation. Wood Green, like many other animal welfare organisations, offer non-judgemental advice and guidance to existing pet owners and those considering welcoming a new pet into their home.

Wood Green are continuing to support the RSPCA’s investigation in seeking justice for Floyd.''

Vallhala Mon 05-Sep-11 20:18:55

BTW, there's nothing from WGAS to support my theory as far as I know but my own guess is that Floyd was a victim of puppy farming.

Bear that possibility in mind, folks, when looking at where to purchase a puppy and also remember that this can be how stolen dogs end up. Never leave your dogs unattended, not even in your own gardens.

Vallhala Mon 05-Sep-11 20:20:22

NB - by "a victim of puppy farming" I mean that I suspect that Floyd may have been used as a stud dog in a puppy farm.

Pagwatch Mon 05-Sep-11 20:20:35

Oh I have an old English. Such beautiful gentle souls. How awful.

misdee Mon 05-Sep-11 20:22:07

i think they estimated his age to be around 10yrs.

the FB page has some v v distressing pictures of him pre-shave. they are v distressing and i wouldnt look unless prepared.

coccyx Mon 05-Sep-11 20:28:28

BASTARDS, the neglectful owners I mean.
RIP Floyd.
I do hope all those people that support puppy farming read the article and take note

yellowraincoat Mon 05-Sep-11 20:28:31

I hope there's a special circle of hell reserved for those who knowingly mistreat animals.

Vallhala Mon 05-Sep-11 20:57:38

As I said, coccyx, that's only MY reading of the situation, I'd hate it to be taken as gospel. WGAS are local-ish to me but I'm not their biggest fan. As rehomers they are commendable, I'd recommend them to any potential owner, but at the end of the day they're a dog pound not a rescue and it's the ones they won't take, PTS unnecessarily or advise owners to PTS and refuse to take that makes me wary of them hence I have no direct contacts with them and no inside knowledge.

Zakinthos Mon 05-Sep-11 21:45:40

WGAS were the ones that wouldn't take my rescue dog back after he bit my daughter and told me if they did take him back, they would just put him to sleep (see my previous thread). I didn't know they were a dog pound - I thought they were a rescue organisation. I am probably being a bit dense here, but what is the difference between a pound and a rescue?

Vallhala Mon 05-Sep-11 23:03:37

Zak. long story, find a cuppa and a comfy seat. smile

Re WGAS for a start... nothing new, sadly. They told the owners of a dog I know well and who is now in independent rescue after the owners had twins and couldn't cope they wouldn't take him but they should take him to the vet for PTS ("put to sleep" - it ain't effing sleeping, it's death FGS!). That dog is now a real darling, allegedly protective over his space and folk entering his door yet we have video of a child entering his kennel, sitting in his armchair and playing with his toys and him, with him as pleased as punch to have a then 12 yo playmate.

But I digress...


A pound is council owned or council paid for - i.e. paid for by YOU, through your council tax. Many are subcontracted out now, often they are private boarding kennels who run a council pound contract as a sideline. Often they bear the name "Dogs Home" (such as Battersea, Manchester, Cheshire and Birmingham "Dogs Homes" which are in fact dog pounds) or "Kennels" or even "Rescue Kennels". There are rescue kennels which bear that title which are indeed just that, don't get me wrong - I volunteer for a genuine no kill rescue kennels near-ish to WGAS, close to Ely. But, many are pounds. WGAS is the pound for East Cambs and Cambridge City, possibly others, I'm not up to date with who they currently have a contract with tbh.

Pounds come in all forms, from the more responsible rehomers like WGAS and Battersea, to the downright dreadful... and your and my area has the latter too, sadly, Lodge Kennels in North Herts area being one such dreadful one. They have two main functions - to take under contract and no matter what the area's strays and, in the case of a select few, to take, under secrecy, dogs detained under the Dangerous Dogs Act. Their brief is identical. They must take in strays and keep them, as the law insists, for just 7 days, after which they may rehome direct from their premises (ie sell), hand to rescue or kill the dogs in their charge. Some also take in dogs direct from the public, by doing so carrying out along with rescue the job which the RSPCA now refuses to do at all. Any dog handed into a pound by his owner (a "surrender") may by law be rehomed/handed to rescue/killed immediately. That of course includes dogs like your own.

A rescue also comes in many guises, from the bigger ones like Dogs Trust to the little independently run ones with little or no support and funding like the one I help out at. Even rescue is a bugger to understand from the POV of the unaware, average dog owner. Some have no-kill policies (the one I help at has a 100% no kill policy and it means what it should mean), some don't, some say they have but question them carefully and you might find that they will kill aggressive/old/ill dogs under the banner of "ill health".

The moral is, as rehomer or potential owner, pick your rescue carefully and know your rescue from your pound.

The problem pounds face is economics. They don't have infinite kennels and if there's another batch of strays due in and too many already in their kennels the longest stayers, those who have been there more than 7 days, will be killed to make room for the next bunch. In Ireland the strays only get 5 days before the law says that they can be killed, btw.

The deciding factor for which to kill isn't just longest stayers. A Lab might have been there for longer than the old dog or the Staffie but you can bet your bottom dollar it will be the oldie of the Staffie who will die first as they are harder to rehome. Some pounds, for example, will kill a dog with kennel cough - it's a piece of pistachio to treat with ABs but spreads like wildfire so it's cheaper to kill the one sufferer than to treat him and 20 of his kennel mates who have caught it. Likewise some - I'm looking at YOU, Fleet Kennels in Yorkshire - will kill all Staffies, Mastiffs, Rotts, GSDs and the like on day 7 of their stay as they claim not to have the time to work with rescue to get them to safety and they know that these dogs will take up valuable kennel space for a while as they are harder to rehome than cute little fluffy Spaniels and the like.

Besides that councils will only pay for 7 days kennelling for strays, to comply with the law. Anything over that comes at the expense of the pound and because so many of these are not council run but, like WGAS, Battersea, Lodge and Fleet, council contracted, they are in it for a profit, they don't want to have to pay for food, heating, lighting, kennel staff, vet treatment and the like for a longer-stayer.

WGAS is by far, far not a bad pound as they go. At least they vet treat their dogs, neuter, vaccinate them and homecheck potential owners. I know of pounds where dogs have been found to have been lying dead for days, pounds where sick dogs have remained untreated, pounds which when they have been investigated have been condemned as unfit premises and deemed suitable in the eyes of the council EH officers only fit for being pulled down to the ground - that pound, when they were closed down, left freezers full of dead dogs rotting. I know a pound which promised rescue - ME in this case - that they would hold a dog over the weekend, knowing that he had a rescue place to go to on Monday morning, only to kill him Saturday night when all the staff and public had gone home. Will link to Bryn's story in a mo.

Most of the pounds run from other profit making businesses like boarding kennels will NOT homecheck, will not assess the suitability of the potential owner, will not neuter, vet check or vaccinate and will not promise to take him back if EVER in his life you can't keep him AND not kill him if you do. A decent rescue will. With many pounds you can just roll up with or without your kids and family or other dog/s, pick your dog, pay your money and leave with him that day... and if he bites your kids, fights with your dog or your DH wants him out - for they won't ask to meet all the family and check that you are all in favour of owning a dog - they MIGHT take him back but they may well kill him. They certainly will if he's a biter or a problem dog, THEY won't assess and train him... reputable rescue will.

WGAS will assess, train to an extent and responsibly rehome but they're a pound, the aggressive dog - and bear in mind that IMHO and IME with the right help and sufficient time and effort 99% of such dogs can be rehabilitated and that IMHO those which can't deserve sanctuary for life in rescue - well, that dog doesn't stand a chance.

I'll shut up now and go find that link to Bryn's story and the video of the dog I first mentioned, a Boxer X whose owners were told by WGAS to take to the vet to be killed.

Vallhala Mon 05-Sep-11 23:05:37

Post at 23.43 - Bryn's Story.

Vallhala Mon 05-Sep-11 23:09:42

Kai - supposedly no good with kids, the door guarding, potentially aggressive dog which WGAS said should be killed.

Zakinthos Tue 06-Sep-11 09:47:40

Well, I had no idea at all so thanks very much for taking to the time to explain Vallhala. You were right, I should have got a cuppa first!
Actually, WGAS didn't home check me beforehand. They relied on what I had put on the forms and then visited me 3 weeks after I had taken my dog home (I think they were really busy at the time). But I never knew they were actually a pound.
So, so sad about Bryn too - my eyes have certainly been opened.
We sponsor a dog at Dog's trust - is that a worthwhile investment or do you think a more local rescue would benefit more? There is a rescue near me called Hula Animal Rescue - at least I think it is a rescue! It is registered as a charity. Are they a worthwhile rescue to donate to?
Thanks for all the advice. I have a lovely natured laid back dog now but if I can ever to persuade DH to get another one.....!

Vallhala Tue 06-Sep-11 10:33:20

"Actually, WGAS didn't home check me beforehand. They relied on what I had put on the forms and then visited me 3 weeks after I had taken my dog home (I think they were really busy at the time)"


When was this?

I know of Hula - I've had mixed opinions given of them but have never dealt with them first-hand so don't know what's accurate and what isn't tbh and being a registered charity means nowt. Battersea and Wood Green are charities yet they are pounds and they kill dogs, the independent rescue I help out at has a totally no kill policy but is not a charity as it can't afford to be. To do so would mean that they would have to buy, run and find space for new washing machines, tumble dryers, another vehicle, fridges, freezers and so on as the legislation states that they could only claim charitable tax relief if these things were SOLELY for the dogs' use. At present the van which transports dogs to the vets, to walks, to new owners etc also transports the rescue owners' shopping and so on, the washing machine which washes dog blankets also washes the owners' clothing. So, not being a charity isn't necessarily a bad thing - the rescue I speak of here is funded largely by the owner himself, with fundraising from volunteers (was out last Sunday getting soaked whilst helping at a fundraising dog show, boy it hammered down all day!).

So, I would always say that a small, independent no kill rescue is far more worth donating to than a big one like DT as it's the independents who take the dogs which the big ones won't, who have the long-stayers, the old, the ill and the Bull Breeds, Sheps and Rotts but who get no help for doing so. Plus of course the DT gets a huge amount of donations because they are "known" IYSWIM. Mention small ones like my lot and even many locals will say "Who?"!

Zakinthos Tue 06-Sep-11 13:26:01

It was in April 2009. Wish I'd known all I know now back then.
See my previous thread for anyone who doesn't know what I am talking about - I don't know how to copy the thread link, sorry.
I will pm you Vallhala (if I can work out how to do this!) to get details of your rescue re: donation.
Many thanks

Zakinthos Wed 07-Sep-11 10:32:57

Vallhala I have managed to pm you - have you received it? I just put your name in the 'to' box. Hope there was nothing else I needed to do!

Vallhala Wed 07-Sep-11 11:04:34

Sorry, am in dumb blonde mode again! I've found it and replied, thank you. smile

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