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wee, wee, wee - normal or infection?

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Spamspamspam Sat 03-Sep-11 17:16:37

We just got back from holidaying in the new forest with our six month old pup, since 12.30 she has wee'd 7 times once on the newly shampooed carpets grrrrrr. This is quite unlike her, she wee'd normally whilst we were away although on a few occasions we really had to try and make her wee as for the first couple of days she was holding it in for hours. Since back yes she had a big drink after a 2 hour car journey but she hasn't been drinking more than normal and just keeps weeing. Once when we got home, one half an hour after, one at some point before or after that on the carpet. Once two mins into our walk, one straight after walk, big drink then another. Normally she would have one straight out of car and then would hold it for another 3-4 hours so it's really unusual. I wondered if she was somehow remarking her territory after being away for a week - she certainly doesn't seem unwell and is really pleased to be home.

Spamspamspam Sat 03-Sep-11 17:34:27

And she has just gone again...

Really odd. But also she has eaten really well since coming home, the food thing I think was just homesickness as she hasn't really eaten much all week.

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