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Just found a flea in my bra.

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BastardDog Fri 02-Sep-11 22:23:16

Was just sitting watching TV with dog beside me on sofa when I felt something in my bra. Reached in and retrieved it and it's a flea. shock

The cat was outside at the time and earlier this evening I groomed the dog (outside) so I'm guessing the dog is to blame.

Have checked the calender and it's just short of 4 weeks since I treated the cat and the dog with Spot On. I've just treated them both again all the same.

Am I going to have to treat the carpets and the furniture too? Can I assume a flea in my bra means an infestation? None of the family have had any bites?

carpwidow Fri 02-Sep-11 22:24:33

A flea in the bra is worth two in the bush grin

BastardDog Sat 03-Sep-11 10:09:04

After a very itchy night when I kept imagining fleas on me I have had a busy morning.

I've very thoroughly vacuumed the carpets and sofas, chairs, cat bed etc. I've sprayed all the areas the animals sleep with some flea spray.

I'm going to get the cat a flea collar when I go shopping later as extra protection.

Neither the cat or dog are scratching and none of the family have any flea bites? It's all quite odd, but how on earth else did a flea get in my bra? Starting to wonder if I imagined it, I had had 3 glasses of wine .

alice15 Sat 03-Sep-11 11:21:48

The fleas live and breed in the house, not on the animals, so where the cat and dog were at the time doesn't make any difference. The best way to check how much of a problem you have is to brush through the coat of the d and c onto a piece of wet white paper and look at the debris you collect; black specks that leave rusty red trails in the moisture are flea dirts (black specks that don't are just ordinary dirt!). If you find flea dirts, you have a problem and would be wise to see the vet for advice. I wouldn't bother with a flea collar - a) they don't work well and b) to use a collar when you have just applied a spot-on might overdose on insecticide. I don't know any vets that really rate flea collars.
My husband had a flea come out down the cuff of his suit in a Very Important Business Meeting a few years back - he squashed it and shouted, "You bastard!" without thinking, much to the surprise of his colleagues. So it could have been worse!

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