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Border terrier possible liver issue / spikes disease/ low protein diet needed?

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Thebonkers Mon 29-Aug-11 21:27:42

I,ve been doing a bit of googling on my BT puppy who is coming up to a year old. She has not been in the best of health since we got her although over the course of a year may not be that bad.

She has it seems very sensitive skin and we have to sometimes give her piriton on vets advice. She has needed a steroid injection twice.

More concerningly she went off her dry food pro plan and I introduced a bit of wet food which got her back interested but seems to have given her The runs.

Have been to the vet who has given her a prescription wet food to try as supplement as may be a bit easier on her tummy together with a kaolin paste.

She also trembles Ono caesium and whilst googling this this evening as she just doesn't,t seem right much of the time I came up with a hereditary issue with BT called spikes or CECS.

Some of the symptoms of this she has exhibited on abou 3 occasions cramping spasm type thing I will try to link

This suggests whilst no cure a low protein diet may help. it would seem from further googling! Pro plan is shit and things like detisticks and mum one may be acerbating this.

Has anyone some advice or good recommendation on food/ treat/ this condition.

I will be consulting the vets as well - one of them has a border so may have some advice that's a little more specific.

Sorry this is so long and a bit rambling but a bit at the end of my tether.

Should add that 90% of the time she is absolutely fine, full of life etc.

Thebonkers Mon 29-Aug-11 21:45:37

Bump for doggie folk.....

Thebonkers Tue 30-Aug-11 07:55:28


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