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food, I know a well covered topic.

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ditavonteesed Mon 29-Aug-11 19:19:00

sorry for repeating many discussed threads.
Pup is on Iams which i am not happy about, would like to change him asap, I know it isnt a very good food.
Cherry is fed raw but I am struggling to find much info about feeding a young pup raw, I changed cherry when she wwas about 9 months. anyway does anyone know about feeding a young pup raw, or what would be a good food to give in the intrim till I change him?

MotherOfGirls Tue 30-Aug-11 08:17:20

Don't know much about raw. A friend recommends it but I'm not sure I want to go that way. Our pup is on Talking Heads as it was recommended by our pet shop where they sell all the premium brands. I'm satisfied that the ingredients are good quality and it seems to suit him.

Pisky Tue 30-Aug-11 08:27:37

Our pup is on Burns which seems to suit her. Talking heads sounded good but I couldn't get it locally whereas Burns is everywhere!

fishie Tue 30-Aug-11 08:46:57

I wish had changed mine earlier, he always had terrible digestive problems on standard dog food and it really didn't help with housetraining. We changed to raw (Natural Instinct) when he was about 7 months. We feed it frozen which probably you couldn't with baby teeth. It lasts longer!

WoodRose Tue 30-Aug-11 10:10:21

My puppy (9 mos) always had dreadful digestive problems until I switched to raw when she was about 5 months old. She is on Natural Instinct (puppy). Natural Instinct includes bone as well as vegetable. I introduced raw chicken wings by hand feeding them to ensure she didn't gobble. I also feed her Natural Instinct Turkey and Tripe once a week as well as a weekly meal of fish and sardines. Occasionaly, I chuck an egg or a dollop of yoghurt onto her food.

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