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Is she coming into season?

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megapixie Mon 29-Aug-11 08:43:26

I am probably paranoid.

She is only 4.5 months old and very tiny (JRT). The past few days I have noticed her vulva is swelling and she is constantly licking. No discharge yet and our (snipped) male dog is having a few more sniffs. She is also very grumpy and not eating as much (only wants dry food instead of mixed in with wet).

I read somewhere a while ago that when they are getting ready for it the hair around the vulva disappears and their tummies get hairier. Is this correct? Because her once bald tum is almost completely covered with thin, long hair and it is also getting thinner around her vulva.

We got her from a family member, and I know her mum didn't come into season til around 8 months.

I'm mainly concerned as we were planning on getting her spayed at 6m before she comes into season at all.

I'm sorry for being so naive, but she's my first girl pup!

loverocky Mon 29-Aug-11 12:44:57

my girl just finished her first about a week and a half ago. i dunno maybe dogs are like us and can start at any point but yeah they do swell up and lick alot down below, so all i can suggest is keep an eye for any bleeding down there they get heavier at a certain point but it lasts 3 weeks so no walkies. the best way for you to test it is, get something white and see if she dribbles on it lol
hope she hasnt though its horrible keeping them locked up for so long ...

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