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Going on holiday and dreading leaving our dog...

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anchovies Fri 26-Aug-11 08:49:35

We are going away for 5 days next week and have arranged to leave our dog with our dog trainer and to be honest I am absolutely dreading it. He is a rescue lab that we've had since March and he is very attached to us. He doesn't like being left (although is ok now for 3-4 hours) and generally follows me around the house flopping to the floor at my feet wherever I stop. He generally does most things with us as he is so laid back.

We are going back to a cottage we have been to before in Wales, he came last time and had a fab time running on the beach and playing in the sea. Problem was we exhausted the dog friendly trips out on the last holiday (one ruined castle and the steam railway - buddy crammed into a carriage on the minature railway with my husband was one of the holiday highlights grin) We tried leaving him (I hid while dh and the dcs went out!) at the cottage but he barked constantly and scratched the front door.

So decided we would have to brave leaving him behind this time. He knows her quite well but hasn't seen her for a few months and has never stayed with her. Will he be utterly traumatised and think he has been abandoned again? Normally my dh is of the opinion "he is a dog, he will adapt and be fine" but I know even he is worried about leaving him. He is nervous of other dogs and generally avoids them when out and about but the trainer has 4 collies and other dogs staying with her at the same time. She thinks he will be fine but I am not so sure sad Should we just take him with us again?

anchovies Fri 26-Aug-11 09:01:46

Have just read this back and realised how nuts I sound grin Strangely 6 months ago I didn't even really like dogs!

Labradorlover Fri 26-Aug-11 09:36:12

Can you leave your lab with the trainer for one night before you go away, so you can see how he gets on? This is probably more for your benefit........
Went away for a week this sumer without the dogs and I have to say it was great to not have to work everything around them.

anchovies Fri 26-Aug-11 11:22:32

No option to do a trial run as she was fully booked all summer, had to squeeze us in as it was. Agree that would have been ideal though. It's so hard because on one hand the thought of not having an extra thing to worry about really appeals but then I don't want him to be unhappy.

largeginandtonic Fri 26-Aug-11 11:31:47

He will be fine.

We left our severly affected by seperation anxiety GSP with the inlaws for 10 days. He can't be left even for 10 minutes on his own as he is so destructive and dangerous to himself.

They didn't leave him at all while we were away. He follows my husband or i round the house constantly but was fine for them. They said he whinged a bit the first day but just accepeted it.

He was VERY pleased to see us when we got back though grin

Ephiny Fri 26-Aug-11 17:51:54

I think he'll be OK. I wouldn't leave mine in kennels or alone in a holiday cottage (you're often not allowed to do this anyway) but would be happy to leave him with the inlaws or with our dog-walker, in fact we've done this a few times for a couple of days, and he was fine. He's a rescue as well and doesn't like being left alone especially in strange places, but he's OK with people he knows.

I know what you mean about wanting him to be happy. I worried terribly the first time we left ours (I kept wanting to phone the ILs to check how he was, and so he could hear our voices on the phone, DP convinced me this was unnecessary and a bit crazy blush). Apparently he sat on the doormat and whined when we first left sad, but soon got over it and seemed happy and settled for the rest of the time.

Only thing I'd be concerned about is if he doesn't get on with other dogs - but presumably your trainer knows him, and the other dogs, and is confident they'll be all right together, and that she can manage any problems?

anchovies Fri 26-Aug-11 20:04:50

Thanks for the reassurance, I have done some more reading today and everyone seems to agree that they transfer their affections quite readily! Ephiny - makes me feel better that you wanted your dog to hear your voice! I have already told dh he will be dropping him off, no way am I sobbing in front of the dog trainer lady and her family!

Know what you mean about the other dogs but I feel a bit better after giving it some thought. She is a really good trainer and knows that buddy doesn't like full on dogs so I'm hoping she wouldn't have said she'd have him if she had dogs he would feel nervous around.

Thanks again, here's hoping it all goes well and we can relax and enjoy the 5 days!

Carrotsandcelery Fri 26-Aug-11 20:12:42

We have a rescue dog who sounds very similar to your dog.

We finally plucked up the courage to leave him with our dog trainer and tbh he had a great time. When we got him he was anxious about other dogs but the dog trainer was respectful of this and introduced him to the other dogs gradually. It did him the world of good and he had a great time charging around the moors with them.

We have also now left him with our dog walker (has him once a week for 3 hours normally) and he had a great time there too.

Both times he was over the moon to see us when we got back but he is delighted to see both the people he was left with too. They both adore him and it is good to know that so many people love him.

Dogs are like people. There is no limit to the love they have to give. Your dog will settle in with the dog walker and have a brilliant, raucous holiday of his own and then be delighted to see you when you get back.

Have a great time and don't worry about him.

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