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Tips for getting a pup used to a lead

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wordfactory Thu 25-Aug-11 19:50:40

Our ten week old pup is doing really well and beginning to housebreak and answer some commands.

We'd like to start taking her out for walks as she loves being outside but when we put the lead on she plonks right down and refuses to move.

Any tips?

clam Thu 25-Aug-11 23:35:09

Nothing that you haven't probably read already.
Stage 1: put a light lead on and let them free to trail round the house, checking they don't get snagged on anything.
2: gently hold the lead, and follow them
3: start to guide them where you want to go
Short amounts of time each stage. Plenty of treats at all stages.

For the record, mine didn't object to the lead at all at first, but we still had days when he'd sit on his bottom and not fancy a walk at all. Agonised over whether it was the hot weather, the route we took, that there wasn't an R in the month, but no real reason really. Treats helped a bit, other times we gave in and brought him home. Can't remember now the last time he fussed, actually.

wordfactory Fri 26-Aug-11 00:16:46

Thank you.
I will give the DC the job of letting her lead around the house/garden tomorrow.

I suspect the mistake we've mad eis trying to lead her and she's having none of it.

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