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What's the best way to get dog pee out of the carpet??

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bluecheesefiend Wed 24-Aug-11 12:24:21

I've just seen a different thread about someone's dog peeing in the house - unfortunately ours has always had to get up in the night to have a little tinkle. The problem is we've just moved out of our own house and into a rented house and on her first night, despite a 45 min walk before bedtime, she peed on the landing carpet. We will invest in plastic runners etc but I really want to get this first yellow stain out asap - what have you all found is the best product and/or technique?
Thanks all!

bluecheesefiend Wed 24-Aug-11 12:28:55

I should add, I've tried scrubbing with Vanish foam in the last house but it just seemed to turn the yellow patches to a dark grey - I can't seem to lift them out altogether.

Am considering investing in a steam vax or something!

BlueArmyGirl Wed 24-Aug-11 12:33:59

Apparently white vinegar is the thing to use. Don't know from experience but friend (who knows this sort of stuff) has bought a shed load due to visiting dog (bit on the old side!) who has issues with peeing everywhere!!

clam Thu 25-Aug-11 12:01:23

Watching this with interest, although I think (fingers crossed) our puppy is over the worst of this now. I've found I can get it all out if I'm there on the scene straightaway to absorb with kitchen roll, scrub with spray, rinse and absorb excess again.
But there are a few stains I've missed (or DH tended to hmm ) and even using the Vax won't shift them. They're now dry and fixed. Dunno what next.

AandK Thu 25-Aug-11 12:42:23

It sounds strange but I actually mop my carpets like I would a hard floor. Make sure the mop isn't too wet otherwise it will take ages for your carpet to dry and I use flash with febreze in the water. Lovely fresh smelling clean carpets smile

Lizcat Thu 25-Aug-11 13:03:07

I always blot the carpet with toilet paper first, then pour sparkling water on to the wee ( the fizz lifts it out of the carpet) and then blot with toilet paper till dry. This is a very effective method of removing anything from carpet I have used it when DH -threw- dropped a whole bottle of red wine on the carpet and when DD cracked her head open and bled all over the carpet.
Clam when we arrived in our house there were a few very dubious stains on the carpet and we got in a professional cleaner who got them all out and carpet looked like new.

clam Thu 25-Aug-11 13:13:49

Hmm, well, that's on the list to try, but think I'll wait until dog more reliable. And winter's over. Bad enough this morning when DD let him in from the wet muddy garden straight into the sitting room!

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