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Dog walking troubles

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UpsyDaisyDo Wed 24-Aug-11 11:42:21

I have two shih tzus aged 7 and 8. My boy loves walking and thoroughly enjoys all walks whether its to the corner shop or a ramble in the forest. My girl however will walk enthusastically for about 5 minutes and then decides she's had enough, lays down and refuses to go any further. I have been known to carry her the rest of the way (strange looks/comment from other dog walkers) or else just try and coax her slowly and cut the walk short.

She is blind (had both her eyes removed a few years back due to ulcers) but I honestly don't think that's the problem because she rarely bumps into things and has never hurt herself because of her "disability". She's great and because of her long hair you wouldn't even know to look at her that she is blind.

I've considered taking my boy for a walk and leaving her behind but feel bad as I can hear her barking as I leave the house. I do have a very big garden and they both get plenty of exercise chasing after foxes and squirrels. Just don't know what to do for the best really. Oh she's had a full health check too and nothing wrong with her legs - think she has a severe case of lazyitus!

minimu11 Wed 24-Aug-11 13:35:11

I would get another full vet check. If nothing is physically wrong then you have three choices.
Carry her when she gets fed up
Just ignore the sitting down and continue walking - she will walk again
Click and treat her when she is moving ignore when she is lying down.

Is this a new behaviour?

UpsyDaisyDo Wed 24-Aug-11 14:14:03

No she's always done it - well I'd say for at least the last 5 or 6 years anyway. If I ignore the sitting down she rolls onto her back, sticks her legs in the air and would be dragged along (if I pulled on the lead which obviously I don't!)

I'll give the click and treat a go. She's not the smallest of shih tzu's so I don't really want to get into the habit of carrying her!

multipoodles Wed 24-Aug-11 15:03:30

I used to have a Bichon customer exactly like that and it was so frustrating. My advice to her was to take dog (who was very fat and very lazy) for a walk before feeding time, and for her husband to drive her from home and drop her off with the dog and walk back. This way dog was eager to get home for food. Her problem initially was dog was reluctant to walk from home but would walk back home. Also for the route to be the same each time (dog had one eye removed) so she was confident with her surroundings.

As the weight came off the dog (who would walk at least a little now) she extended the length of walk. Then she moved onto walking from the car in opposite direction from home, doubling back and heading home. Not sure if this would work for you but maybe worth a try!

UpsyDaisyDo Wed 24-Aug-11 16:06:18

I can totally see the logic in that multipoodles however I don't have a DH to drop me and the dogs off somewhere so would have to double back and get the car while the pooches were tucked up in the warm munching on their dinner! The lack of exercise doesn't see to bother her much and she's not overweight. She's very lazy and only runs anywhere if she hears something that she things she should be chasing!

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