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nimbs Wed 24-Aug-11 07:46:34

Our dog's insurance cover is up for renewal - and having had a look around there seems to be a huge variance in the cost - and what they cover - ie vet fees/ death from injury/ kennel fees / advertising etc - so was wondering what company offers the best insurance in your opinion.

Thanks in advance

Debs75 Wed 24-Aug-11 07:58:59

I used to have argos insurance and that was great cover, until my dog turned 9 and they doubled my payments to over £70 a month.

foolserrand Wed 24-Aug-11 08:07:41

We opted for an insurance that offers lifelong cover for illnesses. It does cost a fair bit (we are about £75 for two dogs) but has been so worth it. Some insurers only cover an illness for the first year, after that, any recurrences must be fully funded by you. That's fine if you have a healthy dog, but can prove very costly long-term if your dog gets a long term illness like epilepsy, arthritis etc.

LittleB Wed 24-Aug-11 19:56:47

I'm insured with tesco, platinum cover, so covered for life up to £4k per condition. They've paid out over £2k so far as my poor boy has cancer, only costs £20 pmth (he's pedigree and aged 4) but I did get them to taylor it for us by removing the extras we didn't need such as kenneling when ill etc, so we're just covered for vets fees and public liability, brings the premium down a fair bit.

nimbs Mon 29-Aug-11 21:55:07

thanks for that - sorry not replied sooner - sorry to hear about your dog too LittleB

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