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Daft questions about my springer

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Pudding2be Tue 23-Aug-11 08:32:14


I have a 2yo springer spaniel who does a few daft things and I was wondering why he does them:

He spins around when he is excited, usually when we take him out for a walk

When he has a poo he spins around on the spot really fast just before, and slowly during

If we stand still in the park he will run around us in a big circle, similar to a collie rounding up

He likes to lick hands, and has become very cuddly in the past few weeks. I'm 39 weeks preg, so maybe he has picked up on it?

Pisky Tue 23-Aug-11 09:15:55

Our cocker spaniel pup is exactly the same....

Only 13weeks and our first but just assumed all normal.

I think the circles in the park/garden is her just not wanting to go too far away from us, but wanting to run so she circles instead.

Our pup is very cuddly and loves to lick our hands, arms etc. I draw the line at her trying to lick my chest though!

With the pooing she seems to be trying to aim for a particular spot that she has sniffed out as ideal. I don't get it myself but seems to be fairly consistent.

being a pup our seems to be almost constantly excited! She tends to roll on her back a lot though rather than spin around. In the mornings or if we have had to leave her at home for a bit, we we got to greet her she does a weird grovel crossed with a commando crawl. Almost like wriggling along the floor like an over excited snake grin .

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