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Labrador eye problems - any experience ? Going under general anesthetic for examination.

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Avantia Mon 22-Aug-11 16:20:49

Our 14 month lab has had an eye problem for last 10 days or so - vet examined her and appear to be a small injury to eye causing reddening and swelling - like conjuntivitis , he did the test with indicator strip in eye.

Drops prescribed , days later check again using strip indicator - all OK but still needs drops.

Back today (day 12) eye still red , still closing it at times so she is going in tomorrow for vet to have a better look under general anesthetic , he said her thrid eye lid is starting to prolapse .

Hopefull all will be known tomorrow what the problem is - do you think she has a small seed etc still her eye ? Any experience with something like this ?

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