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Advice on doggy related things...

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RoyalWelsh Mon 22-Aug-11 14:44:08

I have a collie, who is beautiful and clever and funny and I adore the ground she walks on - at least most of the time if not all. I was wondering, however, if it was too later to crate train her? She is coming up on two and a half and has her own bed which she loves. The reason being that we are upping sticks and moving and the layout of the new house is such that she won't really have a designated 'room' like she does in our current place.

I half think that she will really enjoy having her own 'specialroom' because she does like to have all her things around her - possibly because of her herding instinct? (don't laugh if you know I am talking rubbish!)

What do you think?

RoyalWelsh Mon 22-Aug-11 14:46:01

...also, there will be periods of time that she is left in the house and I don't want her to scratch the walls like she does in our current house hmm which I'm pretty certain is just a bad habit that she will snap out of as soon as we are elsewhere, seeing as she didn't do anything like that (or so we are told) in kennels or anywhere else in the house.

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