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e collar doesn't stop licking

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RedwingWinter Sun 21-Aug-11 16:53:56

My mal/husky cross has just developed a hot spot. I don't know what started it, maybe a mosquito bite since there are lots of mossies around at the moment.

I've sprayed it with veterimycin and put an elizabethan collar on him to stop him licking it. The trouble is, the e-collar is not long enough despite being an x-large size. His muzzle is quite long and so he is still able to get at the hot spot to lick it. It makes it harder for him to lick it, so I've left it on him, but he can still get at it if he tries. Any ideas what else I can do to stop him licking it? Thanks.

ThatVikRinA22 Sun 21-Aug-11 16:55:47

id call a vet - they would surely give you an ointment to stop it being so annoying for him.

RedwingWinter Sun 21-Aug-11 20:50:53

Yeah, we are going to go to the vet tomorrow. The vetermycin is supposed to make it less annoying, as well as being anti-bacterial, anti-fungal etc. We've found a different brand of e-collar that is longer and DH is just now trying to make it fit round his neck (since it's too big there but that was the only way to get the length).

RedwingWinter Sun 21-Aug-11 21:51:15

We got the bigger collar on and hopefully he won't be able to get it off.

I am not sure what he is saddest about, the hot spot or having to wear a plastic collar round his neck to stop licking!

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