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Suitable Chews and bone treats

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Millie1 Thu 18-Aug-11 09:12:54

can anyone recommend a good chew/bone to give pup to gnaw on in the evenings please? He has had a rawhide bone the past two nights (I was sitting right beside him supervising) but already he had ripped a piece off and I'm not giving it back to him due to choking hazard. If we don't give him something, he spends the night walking round and round and inevitably wees ... If he has something, he lies quietly and doesn't wee inside!! So, preferably something along the lines of rawhide but safe and long-lasting - and not too smelly!!!

Also, he will be crated for quite a few hours on Saturday whilst we have to go away. I have someone organised to pop in at 2 hr intervals and take him out for walks and wees, give him lunch etc so the longest he will be in the crate is 2 hrs with half an hour out each time. He's 16w, would a marrow bone be too rich for him to chomp on? He gets his kong if I run to the shops during the day so want more of a treat for him as we haven't left him for this long.


alp Thu 18-Aug-11 09:39:01

Our pup likes the Nylabones - you can get a puppy pack of three - our springer pup chewed through two of the gravy flavoured ones in the first month we had her and kept her occupied in the evenings.

hephaestus Thu 18-Aug-11 10:37:39

A raw bone from the butcher - NOT one of the cooked vacuum packed marrowbones from a pet shop. Or a Stagbar.

Millie1 Thu 18-Aug-11 16:37:31

Thanks for the advice guys. Shall go with a marrow bone from the butcher - bit enough that it won't splinter hopefully. Hope it doesn't upset his tummy. Nylabones good too though he has one outside at the moment so not much of a treat. Those Stagbars look v interesting, think I'll order one for each dog!


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