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Was this reasonable (a bit rambly)

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shivster1980 Tue 16-Aug-11 19:42:59

1st walk = Me DH DS(5) Dog1 and Dog2
2nd walk = Me DS and Dog 2

About a month ago we were out walking the dogs in the wooded area of our local nature reserve. They were both off lead, Dog 1 careering madly after his ball which DS and DH were throwing and Dog 2 pootling along behind with me picking bits of rubbish out of his mouth supervising. We saw two boys (early teens) in the distance and called both dogs close. One of the boys ooohed and ahhhed at the little sweet dog, I smiled and paused, they asked if they could stroke him and I said yes. Then one of them out of the blue just picked him up. I was gobsmacked they weren't holding him correctly and I didn't want him to be inadvertently hurt. I asked him to put him down please. They were nice boys and only showing affection - but there is no way I would ever pick up someone else's dog (and definately not without asking!) We do carry him occasionally as he can't catch up with the big dog and he is too young to do the distances, but the boys in question hadn't seen us carrying him.

Today I was walking the puppy who is now 15 weeks old with my DS. As it was a quiet street with a wide pavement, DS was holding the lead and I had his hand. The same lad came up behind us and just scooped up the pup. He yelped and my DS jumped as he hadn't heard him approach. I just said "Please don't pick him up!" The lad put him down and continued on with us chatting about dogs and was very pleasant.

I then gave him a little talk on dog ettiquette basically saying that it's great that he asked to pet the dogs but he really mustn't pick up other people's hounds. The owner could be less reasonable than me, but also small and cute doesn't automatically mean safe and friendly.

Was this reasonable do you think?

shivster1980 Tue 16-Aug-11 19:43:51

What a waffle!! shock

DogsBestFriend Tue 16-Aug-11 20:26:49

More than reasonable. I'd have asked, politely and firmly but with an edge to my voice the first time and read the riot act the second.

Can I say something else about your pup's welfare too please?

PLEASE, when out walking with DS holding pup's lead, make sure that you have a firm hold of the top end of the lead at all times too.

Only last week was a fellow rescue volunteer in tears because their DIL hadn't done this... her small child dropped or let go of the lead when the pup saw another dog across the road, not sure which, possibly because pup tugged on that lead. Either way, the pup got away, ran across the road and lost his life under the wheels of a car. sad

It's not just that which is a risk - think what would happen if pup pulled his lead from a child's hand to reach a dog-aggressive dog.

alp Tue 16-Aug-11 20:28:40

Completely reasonable! Never heard of pups being picked up by teenage boys.
You were very polite and gave a great explanation as to why.

shivster1980 Tue 16-Aug-11 21:19:45

Sorry DBF I should have qualified that. I walked both dogs this morning (although carried the pup for the second part) that exact thing happened. Pup saw another dog and strained and I had hold of lead in an instant as I was holding his hand (the one with the lead in IYSWIM). I dropped Monty's lead blush from my other hand in surprise (He stayed stock still at my command and has no interest in other hounds anyway BTW). So I really should know better...

This afternoon on the walk with the pup and the DS. DS did have the lead and I had his other hand. Thinking back - d'oh! Thank you for pullling me up on that - I am not normally so nonchalant about either dog's welfare.

shivster1980 Tue 16-Aug-11 21:25:06

Thanks for your reply alp. It caught me offguard because I had never seen or experienced it before. He is very cute but... goodness me!

DogsBestFriend Tue 16-Aug-11 21:59:05

Oh! Oh! He's called Monty! Ooooh... <<bittersweet emoticon>>

A Monty held my heart in his paws for 11 years until 5 years ago and broke it when he passed away. sad

Scuttlebutter Tue 16-Aug-11 23:17:41

Personally, I'd have been irate, and would be highly suspicious.

Pleasant chat could be a way to find out if your dog is neutered, its value, where you live, possible resale value etc. They could be targeting dogs either for resale, puppy farming or to assess your willingness to pay a reward.

shivster1980 Wed 17-Aug-11 09:33:59

DBF sad Monty and Bobby are my canine boys. I try so hard not to ever use DS's name online, silly me has been doing the same with the dogs unwittingly blush

Scuttlebutter That's true and very scary - Gosh I am extremely naive! I shall make sure I am more vocal in my protests should we meet the boy again!! Yikes.

Lizcat Wed 17-Aug-11 16:20:22

Yes I would have said the same as you as there are dogs out there who don't like being picked up in this situation and will bite. As regards children and dog leads firstly I get them to loop the lead over their wrist so that even if they let go it is still held round their wrist. Secondly on pavements etc I also hold the lead until the child has proven that they are able to hold the dog.
My DD at 7 is able to hold the mobile mop even when he is going insane at the end of the lead, plus she knows how to command him to walk at heel and has proved she can do this. Mind you she has been going to training every week with mop and I for the last 13 months.

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