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Why would this person say what they did ref dog?

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Saltire Mon 15-Aug-11 15:38:06

Our dog male) was ont eh lead and along came somewith a doberman (also on a lead, also male) and my dog started growlign and pulling at lead. Anyway he broke the lead and him and this other dog started fighting. I was busy concentrating on getting ym dog back, and he did, after 2/3 shouts of his name, come away and come back to me.As I was calling him and trying to get lead back on him, other owner said "make sure he doesn't glaze over"hmm.
What did he mean by glaze over? and why would the dog perhaps do it

Happymm Mon 15-Aug-11 16:19:42

Not sure confused Maybe he meant make sure that his eyes don't glaze over every time he sees another dog and go into fight mode??? Not sure that actually happens though?

Someone much cleverer about dogs will answer this though, so I stand in line to be corrected!

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